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Corporate values & company mission

dbi services shares a mission and a common set of values. This enables us to deliver professional database infrastructure services.

Our mission

We design, realize, and operate cutting-edge IT infrastructures that enable companies to focus on their business and do what they do best.

Our vision

By seamlessly translating new ideas into information technologies, we foster change, enable new business opportunities, and create sustainable services for everybody.

Our values

  • Be passionate! We love our work and have fun doing it. What motivates us are challenging projects, satisfied customers, and of course engaged colleagues.
  • Be successful! We never stop listening, learning, and adjusting to the needs of our customer and their business environment. We believe this is the most efficient way of ensuring a lasting project success.
  • Be responsible! We value responsibility, respect, open-mindedness, and diversity in all aspects of human relations. We are always open to new or different ideas, beliefs, and point-of-views.
  • Be sharing! We constantly enlarge our knowledge and actively share it with colleagues, customers, and partners. We want to establish a community to get new and useful ideas we believe in realized.
  • Be dbi services!

dbi xChange

Twice a year, all employees meet for dbi xChange, dbi services’ internal event that embodies our corporate values.

dbi InSite workshops

Our training sessions reflect directly our values, especially the knowledge sharing. Our dbi InSite workshops are held by our experts who make you profit from their experiences and know-how thanks to numerous practical exercises, live demos, and case studies. Be sharing!

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