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“The way dbi services was able to guarantee a high-performing PostgreSQL configuration was essential to us. Their DMK Management Kit made the rollout particularly fast and reliable.

Sébastien Girard, Network and systems collaborator Logival SA


In our specific context of computer management and monitoring of medical records, it is crucial that IT solutions are reliable.
Data security and availability must be guaranteed.
For choosing the most appropriate technology for a new service project, we therefore consulted dbi services.


Open source solutions were not a new topic for us, but with dbi services’ recommendations we chose PostgreSQL. This technical solution was quick to roll out and simple to administer. It is an ideal response to our technical expectations: it is free and open source with a really responsive community behind.


We installed PostgreSQL and achieved tests with help from dbi. The configuration parameters were chosen very deliberately. Data security and availability are guaranteed and we also have solid start-up / shutdown procedures for the whole cluster (node management) and for the log file management.

Added value

“Thanks to dbi, our PostgreSQL configuration has been approved and documented. We used their DMK Management Kit tool to automatically roll out PostgreSQL and saved precious time. We now have robust, reliable infrastructure which meets our needs.”

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