Our consulting services apply to a wide range of infrastructure and data platforms. Whatever the complexity of the mission you entrust to them, our IT experts will provide support and advise you as best they can to meet your needs. The many products we offer at fixed prices make our services even more attractive.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Our three levels of SLAs allow you to partially or completely outsource the monitoring and management of your infrastructure and data platforms. Depending on the technologies implemented in your company, you just need to opt for the appropriate reaction time for your chosen components and their extensions. If you want a tailor-made SLA, we also offer facilities management contracts in a Tailor-Made package.

Training courses

Take advantage of our courses to train yourself and your team. Our training program covers several technologies and areas of expertise, ranging from the basics to the most advanced levels. Our IT experts will pass on their knowledge through a hands-on approach with numerous exercises and specific case studies. You can attend the course on our premises. Alternatively, we can gladly organize a course on yours or online if you prefer.

License management

Our experts are on hand to answer any of your license management questions. Their knowledge and experience are at your disposal for a license review, audit or even license optimization, and they can provide advice to help you meet the requirements of publishers.