Database efficiency and internal coaching at its best

Efficient database administration is definitively a result of our collaboration with dbi services. Resource scaling and technical improvement of the existing solutions as well as regular and effective coaching of our staff perfectly summarize our long-term partnership.

Eric Jehle, Head of Middleware IT – Operation & Monitoring


The Oracle Data Guard Infrastructure was difficult to maintain. The availability of the databases had to be improved and a solid disaster recovery strategy had to be set up. Other challenges also appeared, such as Oracle Performance management & operations optimization with Cloud Control, platform design and lifecycle-management.


Oracle Data Guard was re-designed according to the best practices. It was quickly followed by Oracle Cloud Control for Operations & Monitoring and by DMK to improve the creation and deployment of databases. The collaboration started with a standard consultancy and extended to L2-L3 support, Service Level Agreement (SLA) and even SQL Server.


The database environment is standardized and easier to scale and monitor. The availability and disaster recovery plans have improved. The operations are based on the DMK and Oracle Data Guard is a now well-established standard. All in all, the Oracle environment is robust and easier to administrate, and Helvetia’s team is well supported and regularly trained.

Added value

dbi services not only deploys technologies but also coaches internal resources. The tailor-made SLA provides several advantages in terms of technical coverage. Indeed, on-site consultants provide additional knowledge in new technical trends to help Helvetia get the best output from the internal/external collaboration and, thus, a good benefits/costs balance.

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Pierre-Yves Bréhier Head of Sales

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