Your automated Cloud and on-premise deployment solutions. For infrastructure that is efficient and 100% identical, regardless of the platform.

YaK originated from the need expressed by consultants and clients of dbi services to deploy multi-technology infrastructures as quickly as possible, with as little effort as possible, in order to reduce time to market.

The Yak Core (Open Source) part of the product consists of Ansible playbooks and a plugin developed by our experts, providing a unique inventory, regardless of the platform. This makes it possible to deploy instances for different platforms on the Cloud (AWS, Azure, OCI) in just a few clicks. YaK Core is an Open Source project, and can be downloaded here.

Modules which bring together all of dbi services’ expertise in the deployment of components such as databases or application servers have recently been added to YaK Core, in the form of YaK Components. To date, the components available with an annual subscription are: Oracle Database and PostgreSQL. MS SQL, MySQL and MongoDB will soon follow, along with Alfresco, Documentum, WebLogic, Kubernetes and many more.

The advantages at a glance…

YaK Core

  • A central repository: regardless of the technology, you only use one inventory.
  • A single code: regardless of the platform, you use only one code to communicate with the Cloud provider.

YaK Components

  • The Best Practices of dbi services: the knowledge and experience that dbi services has in relation to data platforms.
  • A standardized procedure: fewer risks linked to human error.

Access the YaK demo

Access our YaK Core demo environment to get a straightforward and fast introduction to our new product. Try it, to see how it works in real life!
Please note however that it presents some restrictions, since it is only a demo.

How it works

1. Open in a Web broswer (Recommendation: Google Chrome)
2. Set Username: yak and Password: yak and click on “Sign in

3. Double-click on “Yak Demo” on the top-left corner and enter “startdemo aws

4. Enjoy!

YaK is swiss made software labeled

swiss made software

swiss made software stands for state-of-the-art Swiss ICT products and values such as quality, innovation and precision in software development.


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