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“With YaK, we combine the advantages of the cloud with our proven standards for database operations. This solution is managed by a dedicated and competent dbi services team, making it an ‘all-inclusive, worry-free’ package.”
Tobias Roethlisberger – Product Owner DBMS services (Oracle, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL), SBB CFF FFS

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Challenge faced by SBB

SBB faced a major challenge in migrating and managing its entire document management system to the cloud. This required a robust solution offering efficient deployment and automation, as well as first-class support. After evaluating various offerings from leading public cloud providers, SBB sought a solution that combined the flexibility of IaaS with the automation of PaaS, while guaranteeing efficiency and high performance. The integration of dbi services’ YaK product in combination with dbi FlexService SLA proved to be an ideal and comprehensive solution.


The YaK met all of SBB’s requirements for their complex Oracle database environments:

  • Streamlined processes: the YaK’s automation functions have significantly reduced manual intervention, optimizing processes and improving efficiency. Human error is reduced to a minimum, and operational efficiency is increased.
  • Cost reduction: deployment on an IaaS platform enabled the implementation of a cost-effective solution. Indeed, SBB was able to benefit from the integration of PaaS with IaaS for other use cases.
  • Improved performance: By harnessing the power of the latest generation of IaaS architectures, YaK has enabled SBB’s document management system to respond easily to evolving business requirements.
  • Efficient 7×24 support from a Swiss service team: the dbi services team provided round-the-clock support for operations and all ISO 20000 processes, reinforcing SBB’s confidence in their cloud solution.


The successful implementation of YaK at SBB is an example of the power of this tool, and sets the benchmark for future hybrid cloud approaches. This project shows the potential of combining IaaS and PaaS, and offers solutions without “locking in” the customer to a specific cloud or platform. SBB’s experience with YaK is an example of flexibility, efficiency and innovation that paves the way for other applications to move towards a more agile and competitive cloud infrastructure.

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