A fantastic job!

A huge thank you for this success and the collaboration!

Thanks to the experts of dbi services, we have transformed our ECM platform into an automated and containerized infrastructure as code and upgrade it.

Christophe Aeby,Solution Architecht, Input, Content and Records management


  1. Fulltext search in OpenText’s Documentum content management platform.
  2. Upgrade Documentum from version 16.4 to version 20.2.
  3. Ensure compatibility with Oracle 19c database system and benefit from Oracle support
  4. Evolution of Documentum platform to Docker/Cloud


  1. Documentum becomes Cloud Native.
  2. Use of Silent Scripts and automation with Ansible (IaC) to install and configure Documentum Remote Content Server with Ansible to build a Content Server HA installation.
  3. Delivered xPlore (Fulltext engine) with Ansible integration.


  1. Fully automated CI/CD pipeline for the central Documentum DMS from OpenText in a cloud-native, container-based enterprise environment.
  2. Highly available ECM platform with automated installation as well as a satisfied customer is able to operate the platform himself after knowledge transfer.

Added value

  1. Following the consulting service, die Mobiliar received a production-tested script framework, which considerably accelerated the project.
  2. Constant communication and transparent documentation were a success factor.
  3. Reuse of existing Silent Scripts, validated and tested in production by dbi services.