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With dbi services, we were able to access expert knowledge and focus on our core business. Our data is now more secure than ever, and our IT environment runs smoothly in the cloud.

Martin Koller, CEO misystems


The objective of misystems was to achieve greater flexibility in the deployment and configuration of the systems, have a backup solution and update the database to the latest version. The complete migration was to be completed within two months, with minimal downtime during the changeover.


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) was chosen because it met the following requirements: fast and flexible VM provisioning, support for Linux and Windows clients, simple scalability of VMs and storage including Oracle licenses, affordable Enterprise Edition, and highly available infrastructure.


It took two days to set up the environment and one day to set up the Windows InDesign server. The first user was able to work in the new environment after only two weeks and, in the meantime, the migration process was completed.

Added value

Not only are dbi services’ experts able to analyze and understand IT environments, but they also propose optimal solutions for the customer and implement them according to best practices in the shortest time possible.

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