The volume of data that requires processing is increasing considerably in every field. The medical sector is no exception to this trend. Based on this observation, HUG understood the need to adopt new technologies and sought a solution for processing the growing flow of data that would be agile and, above all, highly secure. Requirements in relation to data security and location are particularly strict when it comes to patient information.


In this context, Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer—Oracle’s Public Cloud deployment platform—offered a solution that was perfectly suited to HUG’s needs:

  1. It allows for the accelerated migration of systems to the Cloud, and the modernization of infrastructure which, in the case of HUG, is installed in its own data centers.
  2. It offers the advantages of “as-a-Service” solutions for the operational part, and for cost management.
  3. It also offers the sovereignty and compliance of an “on-premises” infrastructure. The hardware assets remain in the customer’s data center, but the applications are run through the services and operations carried out from the Oracle Cloud.


With the Exadata Cloud@Customer platform, HUG has chosen performance, scalability in the face of future growth in volume, and data security.

“ As one of the leading hospitals in Europe, almost 280,000 patients are hospitalized each year, and the volume of our data will increase significantly in the coming years. This migration represents one of the steps HUG is taking to expand and strengthen its information systems. The solution has the potential to support our strategic goal of increasing our agile business approach without jeopardizing the data security that is essential for a university hospital of our size.” Jean-François Pradeau, CIO – HUG.

Added value

Migrating databases to Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer enables HUG to consolidate its critical systems into a single IT platform, while also complying with data residency regulations.
This is an important change for HUG; a change that is in step with modernity and that complies with the constraints that are inherent to a major player in health and research. HUG services will benefit from fully optimized database technology thanks to the Exadata Cloud@Customer solution. In this context, dbi services is proud to share its expertise in migrating data to the Oracle Cloud with HUG. ” Yann Neuhaus, Vice Chairman of the Board & Chief Sales Officer – dbi services.

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