Our choice for expertise in the ODA field

dbi services offers a high level of expertise in numerous infrastructure areas. Their transparency added to their focus on technical competencies strongly increased our confidence. If a consultant needs additional skills, he involves further experts of the company, making team spirit a great asset of dbi services.

Joris Vuffray, IT Manager at Swisslos


Swisslos’ IT department operates a wide range of solutions and technologies. Because comprehensive expertise of each tool is not always possible, Swisslos therefore chooses tools that are simple to manage rather than cheap, and which guarantee the highest availability of data and systems as it directly impacts its turnover.


With its “All in One” concept, the Oracle Database Appliance (ODA), is the perfect solution for integration allowing virtualization and isolation of Oracle databases as the storage is included. ODA saves administration time because it avoids multiplying solutions and partners. This is the ideal solution to optimize costs also because it offers a “Pay as you Grow” model. Only activated processors must be licensed.


The systems at SWISSLOS now run smoothly and performance issues encountered with the previous infrastructure are now solved. The solution is fully integrated and there is almost no need to take care of ODA as it runs perfectly. It offers simple and reliable operation, being a kind of “black box” for the IT team.

Added value

dbi services employs certified, skilled and competent consultants who can be trusted. Its Service Management was involved in the migration project and delivers serious and rigorous analyses in case of incidents. Beside its attractive pricings, dbi services offers proximity, flexibility and multilingualism. This is why the experts from dbi services represent an added value that allow great collaboration.

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Pierre-Yves Bréhier Head of Sales

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