Why work at dbi services?

Because we are a great place to...


Be well integrated

We will prepare your welcome behind the scenes well before you arrive. You will be able to choose the computer and smartphone (with a contract available for personal use) from our selection which are best suited to your needs. On your first day, the CEO and your Manager will show you the ropes, and you will then be introduced to your new colleagues so that you can quickly fit in to our team.


Enjoy a culture of sharing

Sharing is one of our core values. For this reason, we encourage our employees to regularly share their knowledge and skills with their colleagues. What’s more, twice a year we organise an internal event known as the “dbi xChange” during which any of our employees may give a talk about their field of expertise and can meet with others to discuss it.


Be listened to

You will receive regular invites to take part in meetings with your Manager and with your team. There, you will be able to make suggestions and be given the space to implement them.


Work smart & flexibly

The work-life balance of our employees is one of our highest priorities. As such, to make your day-to-day more enjoyable, we will adapt to your needs by providing the option to work remotely or part time. Lastly, you can organise your workday as you wish (based on fixed time slots).


Learn and evolve within the company

In a constantly changing environment, our focus is on developing our team’s know-how. That’s why we dedicate a considerable part of our turnover to employee training programmes. No matter what skill you would like to attain or develop (e.g. technical skills, languages, etc.), we will provide you with time and training courses so that you can successfully complete your certification.


Expand your horizons

As an expert, you will be invited to participate in internationally renowned conferences such as Oracle OpenWorld, Microsoft Inspire, SQL Saturday, IT Tage, PostgreSQL events, DOAG, POUG and more. These are unique opportunities for learning, presenting on your field of expertise and networking.


Do fun things together

At dbi services, teamwork and friendliness go hand in hand. On top of games of table football and the occasional after-work drinks, each team organises a trip twice a year which is normally an evening out with a meal and a group activity. We believe it is also important to do something for our employees’ partners and children. As such, we organise optional trips in the summer and the winter in which they can participate.