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We value dbi services greatly as our partner. The staff brings substantial experience and expertise in various technologies to our team. With the service desk and the dbi FlexService SLA, dbi services also provides expert and efficient roundthe-clock support. This is highly valuable to us.

Roland Zink, IT Service Manager Felix-Platter Hospital


In any hospital, the security of sensitive data as well as the constant availability of applications and information represent the most important IT requirements. The second challenge in the Felix Platter Hospital was the optimal Oracle licencing: The Standard Edition did not offer any real high-availability solutions and upgrading to the Enterprise Edition licence would have been costly. Thirdly, performance difficulties in the clinic information systems (CIS) had to be tackled.


dbi services recommended the use of Dbvisit Standby. This innovative solution for Oracle products guarantees real high-availability without expensive licence costs. dbi services guarantees operation and maintenance with the dbi FlexService (SLA), which covers the SQL Server technology as well as the Oracle databases. It is possible to upgrade to the 7×24 on-call service.


Dbvisit ensures the secure and constant availability of services and data with Oracle, in compliance with the application requirements. dbi services consolidated the SQL server environment, applying best practice concepts. The performance of clinic information systems has since improved considerably. The databases work highly reliably and the solutions introduced are meeting expectations.

Added value

The dbi staff was able to successfully and competently implement the project with flexibility. Thanks to their persistence, they found suitable and innovative solutions to specific challenges. The service desk processes enquiries and tasks swiftly, proficiently and efficiently as part of the dbi FlexService (SLA). Summary: dbi services offers the FPS exceptionally professional support at attractive costs.

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Pierre-Yves Bréhier Head of Sales

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