dbi InSite workshops - AWS

dbi InSite workshops are practical training courses for IT professionals seeking to enlarge their knowledge in administrating Oracle, SQL Server, Open Source technologies (MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL). Our workshop trainings will make you profit from the know-how of our Oracle, Microsoft, MySQL/MariaDB and PostgreSQL certified consultants. They will share with you their experience acquired through customer projects, internal research, or trainings. dbi InSite workshops are courses of a few days, adjusted to your real needs and organized either in our or in your premises or even online (dbi e-Services). Thanks to numerous practical exercises, live demos, and case studies, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the new technologies. dbi InSite workshop courses are also an opportunity of discussing with IT professionals to share expert knowledge and best practices.

Why you should book a dbi InSite workshop

  1. Practical exercises instead of dull theory

    We will not bore you with dull theory: In our dbi InSite workshops, you will get plenty of experience with tools and the new technologies. Numerous practical exercises will ensure you won’t forget what you have learned.

  2. Short and efficient IT trainings

    dbi services very well knows your time is precious. Our trainings are not lengthy courses of one week or more: dbi InSite workshops are practical trainings of 2 to 4 days, adjusted to your real needs.

  3. Your training will be held

    dbi services does not cancel trainings. Even if your dbi InSite workshop is understaffed, we will find a solution that matches your needs. dbi services will do everything to make the delivery of your workshop the most satisfying experience possible.

  4. Our trainers are experienced consultants

    dbi InSite workshops are not held by full-time instructors, but by skilled consultants sharing their expertise. You will benefit first-hand from their practical experience, acquired through customer projects, internal research and trainings.

  5. -5% for SOUG, SwissPug or DOAG members

    Members of the SOUG (Swiss Oracle User Group), SwissPug (Swiss PostgreSQL User Group) or DOAG (Deutsche Oracle-Anwendergruppe) are entitled to a discount of 5% on our trainings.