Why is high availability critical for PostgreSQL?

High availability ensures that your PostgreSQL databases are continuously operational, minimizing downtime and maintaining service reliability.

How does PostgreSQL handle backup and recovery?

PostgreSQL offers in-core backup and recovery solutions, with tools like pgBackRest providing advanced functionalities for efficient data management.

What is the role of Patroni in PostgreSQL clusters?

Patroni automates PostgreSQL cluster management, offering features like failover, switchover, and replication to maintain high availability.

Learn PostgreSQL high availability & Backup and Recovery

In this course, you’ll deepen your understanding of high availability in PostgreSQL using Patroni and best practices. You’ll learn how PostgreSQL handles backup and recovery in-core and what pgBackRest can do to make your life easier. After completing this course, you will be able to set up a PostgreSQL cluster from scratch, run the cluster, and perform lifecycles. Backing up and restoring PostgreSQL will be something you will practice on the second day of the workshop. This will help you be more confident with restores when they are needed.


  • Understanding the PostgreSQL in core high availability options and Patroni
  • Setup a three node Patroni cluster from scratch Operating the cluster using patronictl
  • Switchover, Failover and Reinstate Life cycling a Patroni cluster
  • Define backup and recovery objectives (RPO/RTO)
  • Backup types and retention management
  • Performing backups
  • Backup best practices
  • Restoring a cluster: full restore or restore to a point in time
  • Duplicating instances
  • Configuring and using pgBackRest


PostgreSQL high availability & Backup and Recovery will be delivered using a combination of presentations, practical exercises, case studies, and question-oriented demonstrations. You will have the opportunity to practice the skills you learn in the course on a hands-on lab environment.

Target audience

PostgreSQL high availability & Backup and Recovery is a training course designed for:

  • Database administrators (DBAs)
  • Data security managers


  • Basic knowledge of PostgreSQL (should you have any doubts, please refer to the PostgreSQL DBA Essentials training objectives to validate your knowledge of the topic)


  • Enhanced reliability: Gain the skills to ensure your PostgreSQL databases are highly available and resilient.
  • Comprehensive backup strategies: Learn to execute and manage efficient backup and recovery processes, reducing data loss risks.
  • Operational confidence: Acquire practical experience with Patroni and pgBackRest, increasing your ability to handle real-world PostgreSQL challenges.

This course is an opportunity to learn from PostgreSQL experts. Participants will gain hands-on experience that will enhance their ability to confidently manage PostgreSQL high availability setups and perform efficient backup and recovery operations. This training is essential for any DBA looking to enhance their PostgreSQL management skills and ensure data reliability. You will also have the opportunity to explore our PostgreSQL-related blogs written by our experts for deeper insights.

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Daniel Westermann

Delivery Manager & Technology Leader