• Understand SQL Server concepts (operation, storage, security, administration)
  • Install & configure a GUI or command line instance, following best practices
  • Create and configure databases
  • Maintain an MSSQL environment: maintenance plan (indexes, data integrity, backups), SQL agent jobs and alerts, error log optimization
  • SQL Server prerequisites and best practices


  • Presentations, practical exercises, case studies and question-oriented demonstrations
  • Discussion and networking during breaks and lunch (included)

Target groups

  • This Microsoft SQL Server DBA Essentials course is designed for Database Administrators (DBAs) as well as network, system and application administrators responsible for SQL Server databases or their support.


  • Basic knowledge of Windows Server.

5% discount for SOUG, SwissPUG and DOAG members.


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Nathan Courtine

Technology Leader & Senior Consultant

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Roger Schönmann

Senior Consultant