• PostgreSQL architecture: process, cluster, instance, database
  • Creating databases
  • Getting used to the command line interface: psql
  • Learn how to enter and extract data from PostgreSQL
  • Understand the monitoring tools
  • Understand the monitoring tools
  • Learn how the cost-based optimizer improves access to your data.
  • Learn all about execution plan operations (sequential scans, index access, sorts, etc.)
  • Monitor performance with standard PostgreSQL tools and extensions
  • Learn about query tuning using the features available to the developer and/or DBA
  • Understand PostgreSQL index types


  • Presentations, practical exercises, case studies and question-oriented demonstrations
  • Discussion and networking during breaks and lunch (included)

Target groups

  • This PostgreSQL for DevOps training is for DBAs who want to learn about the PostgreSQL-Cluster, developers and DBAs using PostgreSQL as a service, in the public or private cloud.


  • Be able to navigate on Linux shell
  • Have knowledge of databases.
  • Have basic knowledge of cloud computing.

5% discount for SOUG, SwissPUG and DOAG members.


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Daniel Westermann

Delivery Manager & Technology Leader