WebLogic basics

How does Oracle WebLogic facilitate the management and deployment of complex enterprise applications?
Oracle WebLogic simplifies the deployment of complex enterprise applications by supporting a wide range of frameworks. It enables efficient and scalable management, maintaining high performance and strong security.

How does it ensure high availability, scalability, and performance for enterprise applications?
Oracle WebLogic uses advanced clustering, automatic failover, and load balancing to ensure applications are always available and performant. It also provides tools for monitoring and optimizing application performance, supporting scalable and efficient operations.

Learn how to use Oracle WebLogic
In this training course, you’ll begin with the basics, covering its setups and key parts. You’ll learn how to manage domains, handle server instances, and deploy apps. You’ll also dive into resource configuration, security control, and using scripting tools like WLST for automation. This course will boost your skills in managing enterprise applications.

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  • WebLogic 12c software installation and patching
  • WebLogic domain administration
    – WebLogic Console
    – WebLogic scripting tool (WLST)
    – Cluster creation, configuration, dynamic cluster creation
    – Node Manager – role and configuration
    – JDBC, JMS Resources – creation, configuration, usage
    – Security: user, group, role management
    – Security with Security Realm
  • Presentation of high availability, failover and load balancing
  • Application deployment
  • WebLogic Domain monitoring and troubleshooting


Oracle WebLogic Essential will be delivered using a combination of presentations, practical exercises, case studies, and question-oriented demonstrations. You will have the opportunity to practice the skills you learn in the course on a hands-on lab environment.

Target audience

  • This Oracle WebLogic Essentials training is designed for WebLogic administrators or users.


  • Know the fundamentals of Linux, because the labs are on Linux.


The Oracle WebLogic Server course provides numerous technical advantages for users:

  • Efficient Application Deployment: Learn to deploy applications swiftly and reliably on the WebLogic platform, leveraging its robust administration console and scripting tools.
  • Scalability and Clustering: Understand how to scale applications and set up clusters for high availability and load balancing to ensure uninterrupted service.
  • Performance Monitoring and Tuning: Acquire skills in monitoring the health and performance of applications and tuning WebLogic Server for optimized operation.

Participants in this course will receive practical, expert instruction in the Oracle WebLogic Server, enhancing their ability to manage enterprise-grade applications effectively. They will become adept in utilizing WebLogic’s features for high availability, scalability, and optimized performance. Additionally, learners will have access to resources and insights from our expert consultants through WebLogic-focused blogs and discussions.

For detailed informations refer to the official Oracle WebLogic Server documentation.

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