• Understand how Oracle uses system resources (CPU, I/O, memory) and what to look for when configuring.
  • Learn how the Cost-Based-Optimizer (CBO) calculates the data path.
  • Master the execution plans and the corresponding work steps (table scanning, index access, sorting …)
  • Monitor performance with the Standard and Enterprise versions (from diagnostic options to tuning packs).
  • Learn how queries can be tuned using special functions for developers and/or DBAs.
  • Understand optional Oracle features such as Exadata or In-Memory.


  • Presentations, practical exercises, case studies and question-oriented demonstrations
  • Discussion and networking during breaks and lunch (included)

Target groups

  • This Oracle Performance Tuning course is designed for DBAs who want to improve the performance of their system, application developers who want to improve the performance of applications


  • Experience in database administration with Oracle or experience in software development with Oracle-DB as data management system

5% discount for SOUG, SwissPUG and DOAG members.


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Clemens Bleile

Technology Leader & Principal Consultant