Through the example of a project used as the common thread throughout this workshop, you will be guided at each step in learning GitLab:

  • Overview of git and GitLab and their origins
  • Understand the configuration inside GitLab and how to deal with user access management
  • Learn the basics of git commands
  • Explore branching concepts and strategies from our best practices
  • Discover how to leverage GitLab’s release management features
  • CI/CD made easy! We will learn together what the objects are and how to build a pipeline efficiently


GitLab Essentials is delivered using a combination of presentations, practical exercises, case studies, and question-oriented demonstrations. A hands-on lab environment will be set up for attendees to practice the concepts presented during the workshop.

Target audience

GitLab Essentials is a training course designed for:

  • Software Developers and Engineers
  • DevOps Professionals
  • Team Leads and Managers
  • Anyone looking to enhance their GitLab expertise


  • A basic knowledge of Linux is necessary to execute the basic commands: copy files, edit configuration files, etc. The whole training is performed on both the command line and GitLab web UI. The slides are clear on the commands to execute.


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Donovan Winter


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Nicolas Meunier