• Understanding the Oracle Grid Infrastructure and Real Application Cluster architecture
  • Preparation of the environment (network configuration, shared disks…)
  • Installation and Configuration of Oracle Grid Infrastructure on 2 nodes
  • Review of the different components (Voting Disks, OCR , OLR, Interconnects, SCAN, VIP…)
  • Operations in Oracle Grid Infrastructure (Management, troubleshooting, patching …)
  • Understanding and managing resources in Oracle Grid Infrastructure
  • Installation and Management of databases in Real Application Cluster and RAC One Node
  • Load Balance and Failover (TAF, FCF, FAN)
  • RAC and application performance


  • Presentations, practical exercises, case studies and question-oriented demonstrations
  • Discussion and networking during breaks and lunch (included)

Target group

  • This training is intended for database administrators, network administrators and system managers or people in charge of supporting an Oracle Grid Infrastructure environment.


  • Have some Linux knowledge
  • Know how to administer Oracle databases
  • Ideally, you have already taken our “Linux for DBA” and “Oracle DBA Essentials” courses

5% discount for SOUG, SwissPUG and DOAG members.


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Martin Bracher

Senior Consultant