Ansible Basics

How does Ansible improve consistency?
Ansible automates IT processes, increasing consistency and efficiency. It also standardizes system configurations and reduces human error, making operations more reliable.

How does Ansible improve efficiency?
Ansible improves efficiency by automating tasks, reducing errors, and accelerating deployments. As a result, IT teams can focus on strategic work and increase productivity.

Learn how to use Ansible
In this training course, you’ll start with the basics of Ansible, including its architecture and components. You’ll learn how to manage assets, handle variables, and create and run playbooks. You’ll also learn about error handling, using roles for organization, and using Jinja2 for dynamic content. This course will enhance your IT automation skills.

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The Ansible Basics course will teach you the following:

  • Understand Ansible’s core concepts: Grasp the fundamental principles of Ansible, including its architecture and components.
  • Manage inventories and variables: Learn effective inventory structuring and variable management for diverse IT environments.
  • Create and execute playbooks: Gain expertise in writing and running playbooks to automate IT tasks efficiently.
  • Handle errors and use roles: Master techniques for error handling and organizing tasks using roles.
  • Implement Jinja2 templates: Develop skills in using Jinja2 templates for dynamic content creation.


Ansible Basics will be delivered using a combination of presentations, practical exercises, case studies, and question-oriented demonstrations. You will have the opportunity to practice the skills you learn in the course on a hands-on lab environment.

Target audience

Ansible Basics is a training course designed for :

  • DevOps Engineers: Professionals seeking to integrate Ansible into their DevOps practices.
    • System Administrators: Individuals responsible for managing IT infrastructure.
    • IT professionals with basic Linux knowledge: Those with foundational Linux skills looking to expand their expertise in automation.
    • Anyone interested in IT Automation: Individuals keen on learning Ansible for automating and managing IT systems.


    • Basic knowledge regarding Linux operating system


    The Ansible Basics course has many technical benefits for users:

    • Proficiency in Ansible Playbooks: Gain a basic expertise in creating and executing Ansible playbooks for efficient task automation.
    • Advanced Configuration Management: Learn to manage and synchronize configurations across various systems, ensuring consistency.
    • Error Handling and Optimization: Develop skills in troubleshooting and optimizing Ansible operations for more reliable IT infrastructure management.

    This course is an opportunity to learn from Ansible experts. Participants will gain hands-on experience that will enhance their ability to effectively automate and manage IT infrastructures with Ansible. This can help attendees become proficient in the practical applications of Ansible. You will also have the opportunity to explore our Ansible-related blogs written by our experts consultants for deeper insights.

    For more information about Ansible, check the Ansible documentation.


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