What a dbi Platform Audit includes

  1. Review of key activities on the platform
  2. System parameter review
  3. Installation and configuration comparison
  4. Backup/Restore
  5. Clustering
  6. Patching policy
  7. Automation maturity level

Advantages of conducting a platform audit with dbi services

  1. Guaranteed optimal operation of your platform
  2. Compliance with applicable standards
  3. Application of best practices
  4. Documentation: detailed report including recommendations.
  5. …wherever you are located

Technologies covered by a Platform Audit

Our dbi Platform Audit covers a number of different technologies, shown below. For further details, click on the technology you require.

Price of a dbi Platform Audit

CHF 3,990.00 per component*

*Component: Oracle: database/Other databases: instance/Linux: server


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