Services included in the DMK Management Kit

  1. Standardization
  2. Management of complex environments
  3. Regular updates
  4. All dbi services best practices

Advantages of installing the DMK Management Kit

  1. Stability and reliability of your infrastructure
  2. Scalability and more efficient administration
  3. Simplicity thanks to ready-to-use scripts
  4. Reduced errors thanks to automation
  5. Expertise and added value of our specialists

Covered areas of expertise

Continue browsing and discover the multiple areas of expertise covered by our DMK Management Kit.

Covered technologies

Our DMK Management Kit covers a number of different technologies, shown below. For further details, click on the technology you require.

DMK Management Kit Price

CHF 0.00 *

*The DMK Management Kit is provided to our customers free of charge with purchase of a service.

DMK Management Kit Support

We provide support for the installation and maintenance of your DMK. With our three levels of DMK Support, you have access to our service desk during office hours.

Services includedDMK Support +DMK Support ++DMK Support +++
PlateformsCertifiedCertified & guaranteed supportCertified & guaranteed support
Service deskYesYesYes
Service requests51020
Release implementationNon includedNon includedIncluded
Critical Patch Update124
Training0 day0 day2 days

DMK Support price

Annual price (excl. tax)CHF 2’000.00CHF 4’000.00CHF 6’000.00
Price/hour (excl. tax)CHF 170/hCHF 170/hCHF 150/h

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