Our expertise in Enterprise Content Management

(OpenText Documentum, SharePoint, Alfresco)

dbi services is specialized in the integration of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platforms such as OpenText Documentum, Microsoft SharePoint, and Alfresco. Thanks to our expertise in database and middleware technologies as well as in operating systems, we know how to implement ECM solutions in your IT infrastructure. Are you looking for ECM trainings? Profit from our dbi InSite workshop for SharePoint Administrators! The dbi services ECM, database, and operating system trainings will make you profit from the know-how and the practical experience of our certified specialists.

dbi services’ Enterprise Content Management (ECM) strategy aims to achieve improved efficiency, better control, and reduced costs in the managing and organizing of documents or other content. Companies need Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to capture and manage unstructured information and deliver it in a consistent, user-friendly way through multiple channels. ECM facilitates the management of corporate information through processes such as storage, security, version control, process routing, and retention.

Microsoft SharePoint

Experts for SharePoint

Microsoft SharepointSharePoint is Microsoft’s platform for Enterprise Content Management (ECM), collaboration, as well as for internet, intranet, and extranet portals. Our consultants are experts in the engineering, implementation, operation, and optimization of SharePoint infrastructures. Taking into account your individual needs, dbi services is able to audit your SharePoint farms or specific customized SharePoint solutions in terms of infrastructure, architecture/design, and code quality. We can also perform requirements analysis for the design of your future SharePoint infrastructure or assist you in SharePoint migration projects.

Our core expertise:

  • SharePoint Farm infrastructure: audit & remediation planning, database tuning
  • Customized SharePoint solutions: auditing in terms of design and code quality
  • SharePoint requirements capture & analysis for the architecture and sizing of new infrastructures
  • Support for SharePoint migrations

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OpenText Documentum / D2

Experts for OpenText Documentum & D2

The dbi services consultants have a long-standing expertise in the installation, management, and upgrade of OpenText Documentum, one of the leading platforms for Enterprise Content Management. dbi services makes sure your Documentum suite is always safe and available through backup, disaster recovery, and high availability services.

Documentum Content Server

Documentum’s core component is named Content Server. It is used to manage the repositories holding content assets and metadata. Using Content Server, you can store and access corporate content in a secure way. Documentum Content Server is tightly linked to the database. As an expert for IT infrastructures, dbi services makes sure you get the best possible performance when integrating Documentum Content Server within your infrastructure. Our consultants master the installing, upgrading, monitoring, and administration of your Content Server infrastructure on Unix, Linux, Windows, or Oracle.

Documentum Content Transformation Services

One of the tasks of Enterprise Content Management systems is to transform a document from one format to another, depending on your needs. Documentum Content Transformation Services allows you to have one source format in the repository which is then converted to the target format, depending on the chosen communication channel. The Documentum component also provides services such as metadata analysis and attribution, rendition management, and document preview features. dbi services masters the installation, configuration, and monitoring of Documentum Content Transformation Services.

Documentum xPlore – full-text search engine

Finding tiny bits of information in an Enterprise Content Management repository containing a huge amount of documents clearly is a challenge. Documentum’s full-text search engine xPlore (replaced FAST) automatically indexes the content assets and metadata of the entire repository to make sure you rapidly find what you are looking for. The Documentum component has to be installed separately to create and maintain the full-text index. dbi services does not only master the installation of the Documentum full-text search engine, but also its configuration, monitoring and operation.

Documentum clients

Documentum being fully J2EE compliant, its clients are installed on web application servers. dbi services has a long-standing experience in the installation of web application servers (WAS) such as Oracle WebLogic or Apache Tomcat. dbi services masters the deployment of Documentum web applications such as Webtop, DA, D2-Client, or D2-Config. dbi services will help you integrate different clients in your Documentum infrastructure.

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Experts for Alfresco ECM Solutions

Alfresco ECMThe dbi services experts master the installation and operation of the Alfresco Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution. Every ECM platform seeks to increase the productivity and collaboration within your company. The Alfresco ECM platform offers countless functionalities & tools that will help you find documents, collaborate effectively with each other, and share information. Alfresco also supports mobile devices and features security options to guarantee the safety of your enterprise content.

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