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Thanks to dbi services’ contribution, we are able to industrialize load tests of our applications and provide high-performance, quality IT services, which meet Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne’s standards.

Christophe Taddei, IT Project Manager École hôtelière de Lausanne


To meet the needs of demanding users, EHL’s IT department sought to guarantee the perfect running of its applications, particularly during peaks in usage (e.g.: online access to grades). It was useful to simulate real usage conditions of the applications during the development and test phases so the related application and infrastructure could be adapted and to make sure that they supported the expected volume.


For this project dbi services provided EHL with a load test process covering all IT components for each application. A load test platform based on the JMeter solution was implemented, and test scenarios for each application and each user were developed. The applications in question were adjusted and optimized using measurements and the interpretation of results.


Thanks to dbi services’ methodology, obstacles were precisely identified in advance as well as improvements to be implemented on EHL’s applications. These tests allowed EHL to avoid service interruptions of the applications, which would not have been able to handle large traffic loads. As a consequence, EHL was able to provide better service, including publishing the grades of all students simultaneously.


dbi services was able to provide a global, reliable and efficient load test methodology by listening to EHL’s needs and calling upon the experience of its consultants. At EHL, load tests have now become part of the standard process of implementation for all applications. Systematic large-scale load testing has thus allowed EHL to secure its brand image through the reliability of its applications.

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