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CP Great Place to Work

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Great Place to Work

dbi services ranks in 7th place among Swiss companies “where it’s great to work” in the category “20-49 employees”

Gregory Steulet (CFO) and Magali Blenner (HR manager)

Among the companies which took part in the Great Place to Work survey, dbi services gets a score of 91%, higher than the Swiss average of 88% for small companies and the Swiss average for all companies regardless of size, which is 86%.

Delémont, 10.05.2017 – Software company dbi services has been named 7th best company “where it’s great to work” in Switzerland in the category with 20-49 employees. Among the companies which took part in the Great Place to Work survey, dbi services gets a score of 91%, higher than the Swiss average for small companies (88%) and the Swiss average for all companies regardless of size (86%). The prizes were awarded at the end of a poll of 15,000 employees in Swiss companies which took part in the survey.

Last year, HR managers at dbi services decided to take part in the Great Place to Work programme. They explain that behind the challenge there is, above all, a desire to improve – they are aware that there are still some areas the company could do better in.

“Every year, dbi services asks its employees to take certification tests in order to maintain and improve their levels of knowledge. We can only justify having these expectations of our employees if dbi services itself is able to respond to similar expectations. Through the opinions of our employees, Great Place to Work provides confirmation of the excellence of the company they work in, which is seeking constantly to improve”, says Grégory Steulet, Chief Financial Officer of dbi services.


For Great Place to Work, trust is the main indicator

According to Great Place to Work, the most telling sign that employees feel good in the company they work for is their level of trust in their employers. The greater the trust, the more the company will be able to improve its results, because cooperation and innovation depend on it. This applies to any company, regardless of culture, industry, size, or age of employees. To gauge the level of trust employees feel for their employer, they are asked questions about credibility (internal communication, skills, integrity), respect (support, cooperation) and equality (equity, impartiality, fairness) in the company. Employees’ pride in their job and camaraderie in the company are two more indicators in the general ranking.


All-pervading values which drive the company forward

“dbi services was set up 7 years ago with 9 members of staff. During the company’s first few months of existence, we had to deal with challenges on a daily basis. This created not only a real team spirit, but also really motivated and brought our employees together. This is how our company values were born, and they have stayed with us through the years at dbi services”, says Magali Blenner, HR manager at dbi services.

“Company values are hardwired into our DNA, and are what has given dbi services the reputation it enjoys today. They play a part in our employees’ satisfaction, make potential employees passionate about joining us, and sustain the trust that our customers have in us year after year. These values form part of a sustainable development policy that enables dbi services to look forward to a future which looks extremely bright”, states Grégory Steulet, Chief Financial Officer of dbi services.


Nurturing a spirit of camaraderie

Ever since dbi services was set up, its managers have given special consideration to the atmosphere among its employees.

“Promoting a spirit of camaraderie and conviviality is essential for motivating employees. This is something we want to keep in place and nurture at all costs”. So says Magali Blenner, HR manager at dbi services.

Each year dbi services organises a number of events, among them the Summer and Winter Events, which employees and their families are invited to attend. In addition to these, dbi services xChange in-house events take place twice a year. Their purpose is to enable experts in dbi services to share their work and knowledge with colleagues and spend enjoyable time with them.


Preparing for the future

With a view to meeting employee expectations better still, and continuing to be a company “where it’s great to work”, dbi services set up some working groups once survey results were known. The focus will be on internal communication through the implementation of specific tools, being socially and environmentally responsible and, ultimately, thinking about employees who work from home. This will be a real challenge for the company, given that keeping the team spirit alive must remain one of its driving forces.

At the end of 2017, dbi services wishes to take part in Great Place to Work again. The company delights in the fact that this time round, due to its constant growth, it will be competing in the category with 50 – 249 employees.

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Press release – May 2017

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dbi services announces a record year in 2016, the company restructures with David Hueber as new CEO, and Yann Neuhaus as Chairman of the Board and head of the sales team.

From the left to the right: Yann Neuhaus and David Hueber

2016 was a record year for dbi services, with an increase in turnover of more than 33%. The start-up company confirms its strong foothold among major IT stakeholders in Switzerland. It is adjusting its structure to prepare for the future and set its sights beyond national borders even more strongly.

Delémont, 28/04/2017. In a rapidly-changing market, you have to ask yourself the right questions and build a long-term strategy to anticipate future challenges. dbi offers services based on innovative solutions thanks to the cutting-edge skills of its expert team. These kinds of skills are acquired, built up and kept in place through experience, but equally through company commitment. One of the challenges for dbi services is to recognise trends in technology early enough to allow its experts to keep pace constantly with market expectations. Increasing its visibility is another challenge that dbi services likewise wishes to take on, through more personalised representation and more finely tuned sales activity. Company strategy and sales must be considered as two tasks and functions – Chairman of the Board and Chief Sales Officer – that current dbi services CEO Yann Neuhaus has decided to see through.

“The management of dbi services has thought long and hard about this decision. To tell the truth, we have been preparing for 2 years now. We have just been waiting for dbi services to reach sufficient maturity. Now, this restructuring makes perfect sense. I’m really enthusiastic about taking on the new responsibilities I have been entrusted with, because the future of dbi services is something I really care about”, says Yann Neuhaus.

Current Chief Operations Officer (COO) David Hueber will take over as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Energetic, skilled and good at listening to colleagues, he will be able to hold course just as well as his predecessor.

“His technical expertise, his interpersonal skills, his great ability to explain things simply, and his natural leadership will make him a superb CEO”, says Yann Neuhaus.

As far as figures go, 2016 was a highly successful year for dbi services. Its gross turnover came in at 8.44 million Swiss francs, an increase of 33% on 2015 figures. This growth is principally due to development of facilities management contract sales (+35%) and consultancy services (+29%).

Staff numbers are following suit, with 51 members in the dbi services team at the close of 2016 and plans for further expansion in the first quarter of 2017. This general expansion is partly explained by strong development of the Zurich branch, which has been able to carve itself a place in a very competitive market. And in addition, new partnerships with OpenText eDOCS, Cloudera and Attunity have boosted the services offered by the software company.

“We are offering more cutting-edge services now than ever before. Whether responding to requirements for document management systems, Big Data and Business Intelligence platforms, or simply data access, we offer our customers solutions by having qualified experts who can put them in place.” So says David Hueber, new CEO of dbi services.


About dbi services

At dbi services, 53 committed team members, who are experienced and passionate, share a common mission: to design, create and operate state-of-the-art IT infrastructure so that companies can focus on the heart of their mission. Thanks to its high-performance team, dbi services has garnered the trust of over 150 customers in Switzerland as well as in France and Germany.

With a gross turnover of over 8.4 million Swiss francs, our clients are SMEs as well as multinationals from diverse fields such as pharmaceuticals, watchmaking, logistics, banking and insurance, healthcare and government administration. They value the quality and the wide range of services we provide, spanning from infrastructure databases to middleware and operating systems. Our clients trust us with IT architecture projects, high availability, migration, standardisation and integration of applications as well as cloudcomputing, capacity management, feasibility studies and security and performance audits. dbi services clients also feel reassured due to our dbi FlexService database and middleware Service Level Agreements. Over 50 companies enjoy the benefits of a clear, economical SLA implemented by dedicated specialists who are ISO 20000 certified and guarantee excellence in our managed services. Each day dbi services goes out of its way to earn the trust of its clients. That is why the competence and training of our team members are so important to us. All our consultants are certified and experienced IT infrastructure specialists, whether in Oracle, Microsoft, OpenText or Open Source technologies. dbi services is an Oracle Platinum Partner, a Microsoft Gold Partner for data platforms, a Dbvisit Gold Reseller Partner, an EnterpriseDB Gold Partner, a Cloudera Partner, an Attunity Partner as well as an OpenText eDOCS & Documentum Partner.


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Oracle OpenWorld 2016 : what you need to know

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Oracle OpenWorld 2016

What you need to know

The Oracle 12c is not released on-premises yet, but it is available since November 8th 2016 in the Oracle Cloud!

dbi services was present at the OOW16 in San Francisco from September 18th to 22nd. The OOW is considered as the most important yearly meeting of the Oracle community. Our experts have here the pleasure to keep you on track with the latest Oracle news and trends.

The long-awaited cloud version of the Oracle 12c Release is now available!

Larry Ellison (co-founder and Oracle CTO) finally announced the availability of the 12cR2 during his keynotes, but in a first step as a cloud version only (PDB as a Service). Furthermore, a new Oracle service was announced by Oracle’s CTO with the “Oracle Exadata Express Cloud Service”!


Good to know about the “Oracle Exadata Express Cloud Service!

There is no trial version and no access to the OS. A PDB can be quickly provisioned, though there is no access to the OS and some features are restrained (in order not to break the CDB). In fact, this new service will be entirely managed by Oracle and the version 12.2 will be launched afterwards. The « go life » date is not known so far.

If you missed a keynote or did not have the opportunity to participate in San Francisco, then you may wish to watch the keynotes online -> click here


Certification “OCM 12c”

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Two Oracle Database 12c Certified Masters (OCM 12c) at dbi services

dbi services is proud to announce that two of its experts, Franck Pachot and William Sescu, successfully passed the exam “Oracle Database 12c Certified Master”, which is the expert level certification for Oracle Database.

It should be noted that Franck Pachot and William Sescu passed this exam just one month after the Upgrade Exam for OCM 12c was introduced (End of the year 2015).

Such an achievement is the result of a combination of a gained experience with customers, internal researches, their participation to the 12c beta program as well as a tremendous preparation on their side. It’s a hands-on exam that requires both: a wide knowledge and stress management as the given time for each topic is very short.

In addition, William Sescu passed the Oracle Certified Expert, Oracle Database 12c: RAC and Grid Infrastructure Administrator (1Z0-068) exam. Consequently, being OCE RAC/GI 12c + OCE Data Guard 12c + OCM 12c, makes him de-facto an: Oracle Database 12c Maximum Availability Certified Master. This is the highest certification you can get on Oracle Database.

Franck Pachot, for his part became Oracle ACE Director”. This latter title is provided by Oracle to Oracle top-tier specialists making significant contributions to the Oracle community and interacting with Oracle product managers.


Oracle Certified Master Java SE – Congrats to Philippe Schweitzer

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Congratulations to Philippe Schweitzer for having passed the prestigious Oracle Certified Master Java SE certification (OCM Java SE) that validates advanced proficiency in the Java programming language using Java SE. Already known for its OCM consultants specialized in Oracle databases, dbi services becomes one of the few Swiss companies employing more than 2 consultants holding the OCM certification.

The main knowledge and skills validated by this certification are:

  • Algorithmic efficiency
  • Networking in several ways
  • Graphical user interface demonstrating good principles of design
  • Multi-threaded programming
  • Concurrency, locking, life cycle and priority of threads
  • Understanding of Java Virtual Machine

Discover the professional career of Philippe Schweitzer, Senior Consultant and Lead of Development & Integration. Read more

Yann Neuhaus
Yann Neuhaus

Chairman of the Board, Chief Sales Officer (CSO), Region Manager


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