Delémont, the 8 of February 2018 – In an ever-changing market, dbi services is intensifying its presence with two new teams: one dedicated to the field of IT security and the other to open source infrastructure. The company already has expertise in these areas, so for the consultants involved it’s simply a matter of joining their new dedicated teams. Establishing these two new divisions alongside the Oracle, Microsoft and middleware teams has allowed dbi services to broaden its technological reach and extend its highly specialised service offer to meet the growing demands of its business sector.

“The speed with which the IT sector is evolving means we need to make a clear distinction between our technological areas of focus. To be an expert in a sector, as opposed to taking a ‘generalist’ approach, it’s important to be able to devote oneself fully to a specific field. That’s why the Management of dbi services has decided to make these two new activities official within the company,” says David Hueber, CEO of dbi services.

An already extensive range of IT security services

The IT-security services cover middleware (OpenText Documentum, Oracle Weblogic Server, Alfresco), databases (Oracle Database, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, NoSQL) and operating systems (Windows, Oracle Linux, Red Hat, SUSE). Cyril Wasmer, a Certified Ethical Hacker and previously a Security Officer and Service Manager at dbi, was appointed head of the IT Security team as of the beginning of this year.
The IT security services involve several levels of audits as well as personalised recommendations aimed at customers under SLA contracts who wish to benefit from an IT security extension. This extension will be adapted to the customer’s needs, and provided on site or remotely in the form of a package or a tailor-made solution.

By collaborating with the Center for Internet Security (CIS), experts at dbi services can access a wide range of benchmarks, which serve as a basis for their work. The result of this are comprehensive checklists which indicate both the risk level and the functional impact of the recommendations.

“Because of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into force on 25 May, IT security settings and precautions can no longer be left to chance. This isn’t a bad thing per se, because the problems associated with IT security won’t go away: on the contrary. Our IT security services significantly reduce system vulnerability and have the advantage of being highly adaptable to the customer’s needs and budget. In any case, the saying ‘better safe than sorry’ certainly applies here!” explains Cyril Wasmer.

A team dedicated to open source technology

The responsibility for setting up the second team, dedicated to open source technology, lies with Daniel Westermann. According to the managers of dbi services, this step has been a long time coming.

The services offered for open source infrastructure are the same as those for other specialised divisions. They cover databases (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, NoSQL), operating systems (Linux), containerisation (Docker), big data (Hadoop/Cloudera), cloud computing (OpenStack/Mirantis) and many other solutions, such as Elastick Stack and Ansible.
“There’s a clear trend of companies wanting to switch from proprietary technology to open source technology to become more independent. Thanks to the work and projects we’ve done in this field in the past, today we can offer services which are very much in line with market expectations,” says Daniel Westermann.

dbi services has already established a number of partnerships with companies such as EnterpriseDB, Severalnines and Cloudera, and aims to extend its network with other providers in order to broaden its service offer.

“Over the coming years, the difficulty will lie in being able to identify which technologies have real potential for our customers. Having a team dedicated to open source technology is a step towards knowing the future,” argues Daniel Westermann.

About dbi services

At dbi services, more than 60 committed team members, who are experienced and passionate, share a common mission: to design, create and operate state-of-the-art IT infrastructure so that companies can focus on the heart of their mission. Thanks to its high-performance team, dbi services has garnered the trust of over 150 customers in Switzerland as well as in France and Germany. With a gross turnover of over 8.4 million Swiss francs in 2016, our clients are SMEs as well as multinationals from diverse fields such as pharmaceuticals, watchmaking, logistics, banking and insurance, healthcare and government administration. They value the quality and the wide range of services we provide, spanning from infrastructure databases to middleware and operating systems. Our clients trust us with IT architecture projects, high availability, migration, standardisation and integration of applications as well as cloudcomputing, capacity management, feasibility studies and security and performance audits. dbi services clients also feel reassured due to our dbi FlexService database and middleware Service Level Agreements. Over 50 companies enjoy the benefits of a clear, economical SLA implemented by dedicated specialists who are ISO 20000 certified and guarantee excellence in our managed services. Each day dbi services goes out of its way to earn the trust of its clients. That is why the competence and training of our team members are so important to us. All our consultants are certified and experienced IT infrastructure specialists, whether in Oracle, Microsoft, OpenText or Open Source technologies. dbi services is an Oracle Platinum Partner, a Microsoft Gold Partner for data platforms, a Dbvisit Gold Reseller Partner, an EnterpriseDB Gold Partner, a Cloudera Partner, an Attunity Partner as well as an OpenText eDOCS & Documentum Partner.