Increases across the entire range in 2021

The dbi services head office in Delémont and its branches in Basel, Bern, Nyon and Zurich have once again followed an upward trend this year. This growth meets the objective set cautiously, given the health context, and reaches a 12% increase in 2021 (versus 21% in 2020).
The increase is seen across the entire range offered by dbi services. The most significant rise is attributed to IT management/SLA services. It recorded a 29% jump in turnover (versus 12% in 2020) and a 16% rise in contracts (85 in 2020 compared with nearly 100 in 2021). This result can partly be explained by the increase in demand for remote support during the pandemic. The difficulties encountered in recruiting qualified personnel for internal IT services has further heightened the need for external support.
Meanwhile, consulting (projects), the main revenue stream, remained stable with a slight increase of 7% (versus 15% in 2020). License sales also remained stable, with a moderate rise of 10% (versus 58% in 2020).
There was good news regarding the workshops provided by dbi services experts: after a lackluster year in 2020 (a fall of 26%), they are also back on the rise (growth of 48%) thanks to a combination of factors, namely the success of the dbi services remote offering and the lifting of health restrictions.

An workforce expanding and customer base

To meet the growing demand of its customers, dbi services recruited a dozen or so experts in 2021, taking the workforce up to approximately 90 employees. This increase in headcount confirms the upward trend that began in early 2021.
On the customer side, dbi services has expanded its base from 350 to more than 400 customers in 2021.
David Hueber, the CEO of dbi services, explains,“We are feeling positive about 2021. The uncertain context forced us to remain cautious, and we are satisfied that we have met our target. Above all, we are delighted that we have expanded our workforce for 2022, which promises to be a busy year for assignments. Recruitment is key to our business again this year and we are pulling out all the stops to find qualified personnel who share our culture and our values. With that in mind, we regularly undergo corporate certifications, ,Great Place to WorkandFair ON Pay + being the latest.

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About dbi services

dbi services, a Sequotech group company, designs, builds and operates state-of-the-art data infrastructures and platforms that enable its customers to focus on their core business. It offers tailor-made, efficient solutions based on its consultants’ expertise in Oracle, Microsoft, Open Source, Cloud and ECM technologies. dbi services has offices in Delémont, Basel, Bern, Nyon and Zurich and employs more than 100 committed employees whose knowledge and skills are constantly evolving thanks to continuous training. With operations in Switzerland but also in Europe, dbi services enjoys the trust of more than 400 SMEs and multinationals from a wide range of sectors.