Delémont, 23.04.2018: dbi services performed excellently in 2017, as reflected in a growth rate of 24%, increasing its turnover to CHF 10.5 M. This result, the highest since the company was founded, was consolidated by its acquisition of new customers and the completion of large-scale projects. Similarly, facilities management contracts (SLAs) grew significantly in 2017, while sales of training programmes, the dbi InSite Workshops, (+74%) were also impressive.

“The good results of dbi services and the continual rise in our staff numbers are very positive. However, we want to remain humble and focus on our strengths, i.e. our expertise in the field of middleware,” states David Hueber, CEO of dbi services.

Open source, a growing trend

While the majority of turnover is generated by the technologies for which dbi services has supplied products from the outset (Oracle, Microsoft and OpenText), the company has observed first-hand the promising development of its activities related to Open Source technologies, which accounted for 4% of total gross turnover in 2017. This growth reached 7% in first quarter of 2018.

Human resources at the heart of our strategy

In terms of staff numbers, dbi services had 51 employees on 31/12/2016 compared to 63 on 31/12/2017: an increase in proportion to that seen in turnover. Since it was founded in late 2010, dbi services has gone from 9 employees to 63, giving it the strongest growth of any IT company in the Jura region.

And the ‘working experience’, in terms of employment conditions, has certainly not been neglected in favour of the profitability or growth objectives dbi services has set for itself, with the company being nominated as one of the ‘Best Workplaces’ in French-speaking Switzerland in 2018 by Great Place To Work.

“This nomination demonstrates that it is possible simultaneously to combine attainment of high growth objectives with a level of employee satisfaction which is among the best in the Swiss labour market,” explains Gregory Steulet, CFO of dbi services.

dbi services has won popularity among its employees thanks to the many advantages it offers its staff, including a high-quality working environment, significant investment in training, home-office days, multi-annual social events, and a corporate culture which promotes a healthy working atmosphere.

Strong partnerships for tailored services

An increasing number of strategic partnerships has also contributed to the strong growth in turnover through the sale of licenses. For dbi services, this is a ‘related’ activity, since it stems from expertise assignments.

“We are above all a service provider. That is, we provide expertise to our customers, but we also offer them sales of equipment and licenses appropriate to their projects,” notes Yann Neuhaus, Chief Sales Officer at dbi services.