Revenue increase for dbi services in all product and service lines

dbi services experienced strong growth not only in consulting (+4%) but also in all other areas of its offer, from training and workshops (+6%) to license sales (+11%), with managed services and SLAs in particular recording an 18% increase. Also of note in 2022 was the company’s first signing of a maintenance contract on Kubernetes, a large container management platform. Generally speaking, the increase in SLA sales relates to recruitment difficulties in the IT sector, which are forcing companies to outsource some of their processes.

Following the arrival of OMIS and its four employees, dbi services added another product to its range: OMrun. This quality control and data pseudonymization software generated an encouraging level of revenue in 2022, at CHF 680,000.

Increase in headcount, research budget and commitment to sustainable development

dbi services actively recruited infrastructure and data platform specialists to meet increased demand from its customers. 15 engineers joined the company, taking its workforce past the 100 mark.

In terms of R&D, 2022 was marked by substantial investments, particularly for dbi services’ infrastructure as code product, YaK. This rapid and standardized IT system deployment solution is open to all platforms, notably AWS, Azure and Oracle OCI, the three largest mass market Cloud infrastructures.

In 2022, dbi services stepped up its efforts to demonstrate its commitment to the environment and its teams’ well-being. The company was awarded EcoVadis silver status and joined the United Nations’ Global Compact. Under its participation in the Great Place to Work certification scheme, dbi services was once again recognized as a “Best Workplace”, ranked second in the medium category. These achievements reflect its commitment to promoting a responsible and sustainable corporate culture.

Grégory Steulet, CFO of dbi services:Our social and environmental commitment stems from one of our founding values: responsibility. While we are proud of our efforts to promote a more sustainable society, we are fully aware that there is still much to be done and that we must continue to make progress. In 2023, we will therefore continue our work with ambitious goals in terms of social and environmental action in particular.

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About dbi services

dbi services, a Sequotech group company, designs, builds and operates state-of-the-art data infrastructures and platforms that enable its customers to focus on their core business. It offers tailor-made, efficient solutions based on its consultants’ expertise in Oracle, Microsoft, Open Source, Cloud and ECM technologies. dbi services has offices in Delémont, Basel, Bern, Nyon and Zurich and employs more than 100 committed employees whose knowledge and skills are constantly evolving thanks to continuous training. With operations in Switzerland but also in Europe, dbi services enjoys the trust of more than 400 SMEs and multinationals from a wide range of sectors.