A record-breaking satisfaction rate and a strong corporate culture

The Great Place to Work® Institute bases its results on an anonymous employee survey with a required response rate of 90% and an audit of the company’s corporate culture. An overall satisfaction rate of 96% puts dbi services 16 points above the national average of certified companies (80%) and 37 points above uncertified companies (59%) across all categories. This exceptional score stems from many factors, chief among which is the company’s corporate culture which combines the values of sharing, trust and fairness, and which the employees contribute to on an active basis.
The results achieved in 2018 helped dbi services improve further In 2018, dbi services was placed 17th out of all companies with 50 to 249 employees. While this result was considered acceptable, the company felt that it wasn’t enough. It was for this reason that the board of directors quickly laid out a concrete approach with a focus on the needs of the staff. Employee-focused participative projects were set up as a result, which gave rise to improvements such as the roll-out of home office. These measures have had a positive impact, as shown by the fact that the satisfaction rate has improved by 7 points since 2018.
Employee consultation and involvement are the keys drivers of satisfaction During the award ceremony on Thursday 4 April 2019, Alain Lacour, one of the employees’ representatives, explained how the improvements came about: “We were consulted, and our voices were heard, which led to more employee involvement in company planning. We are wholly satisfied, and this is best shown by our rank.”

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dbi services designs, builds and operates cutting-edge middleware infrastructure in order to allow its customers to focus on their core businesses. With consultants who are experts in Oracle, MicrosoftSQL, OpenText and Open Source technologies, the company is equipped to offer tailor-made and efficient solutions. dbi services is based in Delémont, Zurich, Basel, Nyon and Bern, and employs 70 committed associates whose knowledge and skills are constantly progressing owing particularly to continuous training. Active in Switzerland, but also in France and Germany. dbi services enjoys the trust of 200 companies – SMBs and multinationals – operating in various sectors.