Growth in the double digits

Founded in 2010, this Delémont-based company and its branches located in Basel, Bern, Nyon and Zurich are continuing to see an increase in turnover (+17%). This is partly due to a significant increase in license sales (+41%), particularly in the French-speaking part, as well as to an increase in workshops sales (+23%) and Service Level Agreements (+21%). While these do make up a significant portion of the company’s turnover, consulting is still the main source.

When it comes to technology, the breakdown of turnover remains the same. Oracle is still in the lead, but the middleware and open source sectors have seen an increase in turnover.

A new branch in Bern and more space for the Zurich and Nyon branches

In order to be closer to its clients and to take advantage of the potential found in the Bernese region,
dbi services opened a fourth branch in the capital (press release from December 4, 2018). The initial results will be available at the end of the 2019 financial year. At the same time, to support the growing demands from its customers, the Zurich and Nyon branches moved to more spacious premises which can accommodate more employees as well as events and training courses for clients.

Necessary internal restructuring

The opening and expansion of its branches is by no means the only way dbi services has tried to meet the needs of its growing workforce. With 73 employees (+10 in comparison with the end of 2017), it has become necessary to rethink the company’s organizational structure and redistribute responsibilities. Gérard Wisson has thus taken the lead of Delivery Managers as the Head of Delivery. In addition, the middleware team has been divided into two teams. The first is in charge of Application & Business Support and is led by Alain Lacour. The second, which is still headed by Gérard Wisson, manages ECM & Application Integration.

Despite feeling satisfied, C-Management intends to keep up its efforts

The four C-Managers have been delighted with these positive results. They stress, however, that they will continue to work hard on their endeavours. David Hueber, the CEO of dbi services, explains, “We are not resting on our laurels. We have never done that before. We will continue to implement participative projects to get our team more involved in the company as well as to reflect on how to improve the employee experience. In terms of company development, our position has not changed. We are still focused on training and the expertise of our staff to provide our clients with the best service possible. In any case, it is still important to remain humble.”

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dbi services designs, builds and operates cutting-edge middleware infrastructure in order to allow its customers to focus on their core businesses. With consultants who are experts in Oracle, MicrosoftSQL, OpenText and Open Source technologies, the company is equipped to offer tailor-made and efficient solutions. dbi services is based in Delémont, Zurich, Basel, Nyon and Bern, and employs 70 committed associates whose knowledge and skills are constantly progressing owing particularly to continuous training. Active in Switzerland, but also in France and Germany. dbi services enjoys the trust of 200 companies – SMBs and multinationals – operating in various sectors.