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We constantly enlarge our knowledge and actively share it with colleagues, customers, and partners. We want to establish a community to get new and useful ideas realized, which we believe in. Be sharing !

dbi services events do not only offer expert information and news on IT-infrastructure products, technologies, or standards through exciting presentations and live demos. You will also profit from the best practices and feedbacks on customer projects, for example after the sessions participating to technical discussions during the friendly apéro.

Have a look at the following pages to get details on our cost free events. Whatever the subject you are interested in, dbi services’ experts are looking forward to sharing their knowledge with you at these occasions. Come and join us!

Our events 2019

With us in Switzerland or abroad!

You want to discuss with dbi services’ consultants and learn from their knowledge? Meet them this year again at conferences and trainings by participating at our events and trade fairs where they will share their experience. Discover the topics we address and at which trade fair you can visit our experts at dbi services’ booth with the event list below.

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Events organized by dbi services

Oracle · Opening Bern Bern 20.02.2019
Oracle · ODA migration breakfast Nyon 04.04.2019
Open Infrastructure · Open Infra Day Zurich 02.04.2019
Open Infrastructure · Open Infra Day Bern 14.05.2019
Microsoft · Breakfast – Manage your database on Cloud AWS Azure Basel/Nyon 06/13.06.2019
Oracle · Oracle Enterprise Features on SE2 Lausanne/Basel 18/19.06.2019
Open Infrastructure · Open Infra Day Lausanne 12.09.2019
Open Infrastructure · Open Infra Day Basel 26.09.2019
Open Infrastructure · How open source drives innovation Zurich 24.10.2019

Meet our experts at following events

RedHat Forum GE Geneva 23.01.2019
OBUG Antwerp (BEL) 07-08.02.2019
SOUG Day Dättwil 21.02.2019
SQL Konferenz 2019 Darmstadt (DE) 20-21.02.2019
OpenText World Innovation Vienna (AT) 12-14.03.2019
IOUG San Antonio (USA) 07-11.04.2019
SITB Geneva 09-10.04.2019
SOUG Day 22.05.2019
PGConf DE Leipzig (DE) 10.05.2019
DOAG Datenbank Düsseldorf (DE) 03-04.06.2019
Swiss PG Day Rapperswil 28.06.2019
SOUG Day Dättwil 27.08.2019
Red Hat Forum ZH Zurich 10.09.2019
OOW San Francisco (USA) 15-19.09.2019 Milan (IT) 15-18.10.2019
DOAG 2019 Nuremberg 19-21.11.2019
Pass Summit Seattle (USA) 05-08.11.2019
UKOUG UK 02-06.12.2019