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Press release – May 2017

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dbi services announces a record year in 2016, the company restructures with David Hueber as new CEO, and Yann Neuhaus as Chairman of the Board and head of the sales team.

From the left to the right: Yann Neuhaus and David Hueber

2016 was a record year for dbi services, with an increase in turnover of more than 33%. The start-up company confirms its strong foothold among major IT stakeholders in Switzerland. It is adjusting its structure to prepare for the future and set its sights beyond national borders even more strongly.

Delémont, 28/04/2017. In a rapidly-changing market, you have to ask yourself the right questions and build a long-term strategy to anticipate future challenges. dbi offers services based on innovative solutions thanks to the cutting-edge skills of its expert team. These kinds of skills are acquired, built up and kept in place through experience, but equally through company commitment. One of the challenges for dbi services is to recognise trends in technology early enough to allow its experts to keep pace constantly with market expectations. Increasing its visibility is another challenge that dbi services likewise wishes to take on, through more personalised representation and more finely tuned sales activity. Company strategy and sales must be considered as two tasks and functions – Chairman of the Board and Chief Sales Officer – that current dbi services CEO Yann Neuhaus has decided to see through.

“The management of dbi services has thought long and hard about this decision. To tell the truth, we have been preparing for 2 years now. We have just been waiting for dbi services to reach sufficient maturity. Now, this restructuring makes perfect sense. I’m really enthusiastic about taking on the new responsibilities I have been entrusted with, because the future of dbi services is something I really care about”, says Yann Neuhaus.

Current Chief Operations Officer (COO) David Hueber will take over as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Energetic, skilled and good at listening to colleagues, he will be able to hold course just as well as his predecessor.

“His technical expertise, his interpersonal skills, his great ability to explain things simply, and his natural leadership will make him a superb CEO”, says Yann Neuhaus.

As far as figures go, 2016 was a highly successful year for dbi services. Its gross turnover came in at 8.44 million Swiss francs, an increase of 33% on 2015 figures. This growth is principally due to development of facilities management contract sales (+35%) and consultancy services (+29%).

Staff numbers are following suit, with 51 members in the dbi services team at the close of 2016 and plans for further expansion in the first quarter of 2017. This general expansion is partly explained by strong development of the Zurich branch, which has been able to carve itself a place in a very competitive market. And in addition, new partnerships with OpenText eDOCS, Cloudera and Attunity have boosted the services offered by the software company.

“We are offering more cutting-edge services now than ever before. Whether responding to requirements for document management systems, Big Data and Business Intelligence platforms, or simply data access, we offer our customers solutions by having qualified experts who can put them in place.” So says David Hueber, new CEO of dbi services.


About dbi services

At dbi services, 53 committed team members, who are experienced and passionate, share a common mission: to design, create and operate state-of-the-art IT infrastructure so that companies can focus on the heart of their mission. Thanks to its high-performance team, dbi services has garnered the trust of over 150 customers in Switzerland as well as in France and Germany.

With a gross turnover of over 8.4 million Swiss francs, our clients are SMEs as well as multinationals from diverse fields such as pharmaceuticals, watchmaking, logistics, banking and insurance, healthcare and government administration. They value the quality and the wide range of services we provide, spanning from infrastructure databases to middleware and operating systems. Our clients trust us with IT architecture projects, high availability, migration, standardisation and integration of applications as well as cloudcomputing, capacity management, feasibility studies and security and performance audits. dbi services clients also feel reassured due to our dbi FlexService database and middleware Service Level Agreements. Over 50 companies enjoy the benefits of a clear, economical SLA implemented by dedicated specialists who are ISO 20000 certified and guarantee excellence in our managed services. Each day dbi services goes out of its way to earn the trust of its clients. That is why the competence and training of our team members are so important to us. All our consultants are certified and experienced IT infrastructure specialists, whether in Oracle, Microsoft, OpenText or Open Source technologies. dbi services is an Oracle Platinum Partner, a Microsoft Gold Partner for data platforms, a Dbvisit Gold Reseller Partner, an EnterpriseDB Gold Partner, a Cloudera Partner, an Attunity Partner as well as an OpenText eDOCS & Documentum Partner.


Articles published in German


Articles published in French


Event Big Data

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Event Big Data: Getting value out of your data

03.05.17 in Lausanne

The world of data is evolving faster and faster. New concepts and technologies are emerging every day. Big Data is now getting a major role in the way the data is designed. In the first session, we are going to describe Big Data and how to implement Big Data use cases. In a second session, our experts will demonstrate with an insurance business case how the usage of open data combined with Big Data technologies can help to analyze driver profiles in terms of risks. Finally, Oracle as a Partner of dbi services will introduce the new Oracle Big Data Appliance as a possible all-in-one solution.


Introduction to Big Data

Presented by

  • Mehdi Bada, Consultant at dbi services
  • Eric Duquesnoy, Consultant at dbi services

This introduction to Big Data concepts and technologies will help you to understand what is meant with “Big Data” and how use cases can be implemented. Our experts will show you how Big Data evolved during the last years by comparing the old and new model of data management. That first session will provide you an insight about what it needs to set up a Big Data architecture that works properly (i.e. with Cloudera, Oracle and Microsoft)

Big Data in insurances

Presented by

  • Mehdi Bada, Consultant at dbi services

With the idea of how to generate new business models, our experts will demonstrate how Big Data can support insurances by assessing the risks related to drivers’ behavior: a particularly sensitive topic for the insurance industry and its customers. Based on the Cloudera distribution, our experts will present you a specific Big Data architecture that helps to collect structured and non-structured data including internal and external data as open data.

Oracle Big Data Appliance

Presented by

  • Alexandru Dimofte (Oracle Big Data Sales Consultant – Big Data and Analytics)

As Big Data is maturing into a key component of the enterprise data management system, the focus shifts from demos and proof of concepts to full scale production deployments that are performant, secure, easy to integrate but also to manage. In this session, we will discuss about the advantages of Engineered vs DIY for Big Data Systems and what this means in terms of Time-to-Value, Risk, Operating Costs and Manageability.



Place:    Lausanne

Date:     03.05.2017

Time:    08.30 – 13.00, lunch included

Price:    CHF 0.-


8:30-9:00                                                                                                                                                  Welcome coffee

9:00-9:15                                                              Welcome speech

9:15-10:00                                                            Introduction to Big Data

10:00-10:45                                                         Big Data in insurances

10:45-11:00                                                       Coffee break

11:00-11:45                                                         Oracle Big Data Appliance

11:45-12:00                                                                                                                                             Questions / Answers

12:00-13:00                                                                                                                                             Lunch


Event Oracle 12cR2

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Event Oracle 12cR2

19.05.17 in Zurich

Additional event

Long awaited on-premises, the Release 2 of Oracle Database 12c is available on the Cloud, on Exadata and soon on further platforms whereas it is not always easy to know what information really matters beyond the marketing messages.
In order to help you to plan future upgrades properly, our Oracle experts organize a breakfast dedicated to the Oracle Database 12cR2. This event is a great opportunity for DBAs and Developers to discover new features that are interesting from a technical perspective. The multitenant architecture will also be a specific topic in our discussions: the non-CDB , the one that we use for decades, is now deprecated and, by the way, may no longer be supported in the future.
If you are interested to understand how and when to move on safely to the 12cR2, then you are kindly invited to join our experts for a friendly breakfast with technical presentations and open discussions. The experts of dbi services are looking forward to sharing their knowledge with you and answering your questions.


Introduction to the 12cR2

Still awaited on-premises, the Oracle 12.2 is available partially or totally on different platforms, in particular on the new Oracle Database Exadata Express Service and on the Oracle public cloud.

Top 12.2 features for daily use

Besides the big new features targeting at a few big customers, each release comes with small improvements which daily help DBAs or developers:
new online operations, more automation, more efficient SQL functions, better SQL plan stability, etc.

With or without option, all you need to know about the multitenant architecture

Because non-CDB is deprecated, we need to start to look at multitenant. 12.2 brings new features which can be used on any edition even without options.


May the 19th, 2017


Place:   Zurich

Date:   19.05.17

Time:   7.30 – 10.30, including breakfast

Price:   CHF 0.- / attendance is free


7:30-8:00                                                                                                                                                      Welcome coffee

8:00-8:15                                                                                                                                                  Welcome speech & introduction to the 12cR2

8:15-8:45                                                                                                                                                     Top 12.2 features for daily use

8:45-9:30                                                                                                                                                 With or without option, all you need to know about multitenant architecture

9:30-10:30                                                                                                                                               Breakfast / questions and answers


xPloreDay “SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups”

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Implement & manage SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups

29.06.17 Nyon

SQL Server AlwaysOn is a multifunctional solution which can be configured in very various ways to meet requirements of high availability and data redundancy. This includes high availability outside the primary data center thanks to the multi-site Windows clustering. Such high available architectures require know-how which we will share with a dedicated event called “dbi xPloreDay”.
During our one-day event, David Barbarin as a MS Data Platform specialist will give you a comprehensive understanding of basics on the Windows Failover Cluster and the AlwaysOn Availability Groups (AAG).
The presentations also focus on how to build an architecture adapted to your needs, how to implement an AG in one or multi-subnet Scenario, how to monitor an AAG and maintain the AlwaysOn Infrastructure, how to manage the interaction with other external components such as SQL Server jobs and SSIS.
Finaly, you’ll be explained how to troubleshoot specific issues which may arise at different levels of this high available AAG architecture.
You want to benefit from expert knowledge and technical discussions with the xPloreDay dedicated to the SQL Server AlwaysOn AG? Register and join us. dbi services’ experts are looking forward to sharing their experience with you!


  • Windows Failover Cluster basics
  • AlwaysOn Availabilitity Groups and Windows Failover Relationship
  • Planning for AlwaysOn Availability Groups
  • Implementing AlwaysOn Availability Groups
  • Managing and monitoring AlwaysOn Availability Groups
  • Troubleshooting common scenarios with availabitlity group scenarios


  • SQL Server DBAs having first experience with AlwaysOn


  • CHF 900.00 / participant
  • *15% discount for dbiFidelity customers


Speaker:                                                                                                                                                          David Barbarin, Microsoft MCM & MVP Data Platform 

Place:                                                                                                                                                           Nyon (in French)

Date:                                                                                                                                                    29.06.2017

Time:                                                                                                                                                  9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Price:                                                                                                                                                CHF 900.00 *


08:30-09:00                                                                                                                                                 Welcome coffee

09:30-12:30                                                                                                                                   xPloreDay presentations (incl. coffee break)

12:30-13:30                                                                                                                                   Lunch

13:30-17:00                                                                                                                                   xPloreDay presentations (incl. coffee break)

17:00-18:00                                                                                                                                   Apéro


June 29th 2017


Oracle OpenWorld 2016 : what you need to know

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Oracle OpenWorld 2016

What you need to know

The Oracle 12c is not released on-premises yet, but it is available since November 8th 2016 in the Oracle Cloud!

dbi services was present at the OOW16 in San Francisco from September 18th to 22nd. The OOW is considered as the most important yearly meeting of the Oracle community. Our experts have here the pleasure to keep you on track with the latest Oracle news and trends.

The long-awaited cloud version of the Oracle 12c Release is now available!

Larry Ellison (co-founder and Oracle CTO) finally announced the availability of the 12cR2 during his keynotes, but in a first step as a cloud version only (PDB as a Service). Furthermore, a new Oracle service was announced by Oracle’s CTO with the “Oracle Exadata Express Cloud Service”!


Good to know about the “Oracle Exadata Express Cloud Service!

There is no trial version and no access to the OS. A PDB can be quickly provisioned, though there is no access to the OS and some features are restrained (in order not to break the CDB). In fact, this new service will be entirely managed by Oracle and the version 12.2 will be launched afterwards. The « go life » date is not known so far.

If you missed a keynote or did not have the opportunity to participate in San Francisco, then you may wish to watch the keynotes online -> click here


Certification “OCM 12c”

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Two Oracle Database 12c Certified Masters (OCM 12c) at dbi services

dbi services is proud to announce that two of its experts, Franck Pachot and William Sescu, successfully passed the exam “Oracle Database 12c Certified Master”, which is the expert level certification for Oracle Database.

It should be noted that Franck Pachot and William Sescu passed this exam just one month after the Upgrade Exam for OCM 12c was introduced (End of the year 2015).

Such an achievement is the result of a combination of a gained experience with customers, internal researches, their participation to the 12c beta program as well as a tremendous preparation on their side. It’s a hands-on exam that requires both: a wide knowledge and stress management as the given time for each topic is very short.

In addition, William Sescu passed the Oracle Certified Expert, Oracle Database 12c: RAC and Grid Infrastructure Administrator (1Z0-068) exam. Consequently, being OCE RAC/GI 12c + OCE Data Guard 12c + OCM 12c, makes him de-facto an: Oracle Database 12c Maximum Availability Certified Master. This is the highest certification you can get on Oracle Database.

Franck Pachot, for his part became Oracle ACE Director”. This latter title is provided by Oracle to Oracle top-tier specialists making significant contributions to the Oracle community and interacting with Oracle product managers.


IT Tage 2016

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IT Tage 2016

December 12th to 15th 2016 – Frankfurt am Main

With more than 160 sessions, the IT Tage 2016 are taking place from December 12th to 15th 2016 in Frankfurt am Main. Experts from dbi services are glad to present some interesting technical topics in Frankfurt. Discover the program of their sessions above. We look forward to seeing you there!

Our sessions

SQL Server 2016: Neue Sicherheitsfunktionen

  • Speaker: Stéphane Haby
  • Date: 13.12.16
  • Time: 11:00-11.45
  • Room: München

SQL Server Errorlog – Entmystifizierung

  • Speaker: Stéphane Haby
  • Date: 13.12.16
  • Time: 14:00-14:45
  • Room: München

SQL Server – Locks, latches and spinlocks

  • Speaker: David Barbarin
  • Date: 13.12.16
  • Time: 17:00-17:45
  • Room: München

SQL Server 2016: Availability Group Enhancements

  • Speaker: David Barbarin
  • Date: 13.12.16
  • Time: 18:00-18:45
  • Room: München

Breaking the deadlock: Migrating from proprietary databases to PostgreSQL

  • Speaker: Daniel Westermann
  • Date: 14.12.16
  • Time: 16:00-16:45
  • Room: München

Feasibility study for building a software factory based on GIT repository

  • Speaker: Philippe Schweitzer
  • Date: 14.12.16
  • Time: 17:00-17:45
  • Room: Berlin

Further information


DOAG Conference + Exhibition 2016

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DOAG Conference + Exhibition 2016

November 15th to 18th, 2016 – Nuremberg

You wish to meet experts at the DOAG Conference + Exhibition 2016, from November 15th to 18th 2016 in Nuremberg?

Good news: dbi services will be present at booth 242!

Our experts inform you there on products, technologies, and standards for IT infrastructures with personalized explanations and Live-Demos! And if you are curious about the outstanding presentations our Oracle specialists produced for the DOAG 2016, check our conference program.

You may even be interested in being trained on Oracle Grid Infrastructure? Take the opportunity and register to our “Schulungstag”.

We look forward to seeing you at the DOAG Conference + Exhibition 2016!

Tuesday, 15th November 2016

Speaker:  Daniel Westermann

Time:          15:00-15:45 Uhr

Room:       Konferenzraum EG

Der GI Administrator hat meine Daten geklaut? Wie das?

In der heutigen Oracle Landschaft werden die Grid Infrastructure Installation immer breiter. Cluster mit mehr als 8 Knoten sind keine Seltenheit mehr und immer öfter gibt es auch noch mehrere von diesen, z.B. wenn mehr als eine Exadata zum Einsatz kommt. Wenn allerdings die Installationsbasis steigt, dann steigt auch zwangsweise die Anzahl der Benutzer. Seien es Administratoren, Anwender im Fall von ACFS oder Applikationen, die auf Services zugreifen. Wissen Sie wer was darf, wer wo zugreift, ob ihre Daten verschlüsselt sind und wenn ja: sind es die schützenswerten? Nein? Dann lassen Sie sich überraschen welche Mechanismen Sie heute einsetzen können um eine Grid Infrastucture sicher zu betreiben und vor allem was passieren kann wenn Sie sich darüber keine Gedanken machen.

Speaker:  Franck Pachot

Time:          17:00-17:45 Uhr

Room:       Tokio

Multitenant New Security Features Clarify DevOps/DBA roles

The CDB/PDB paradigm enforces role segregation between the container DBA and the application DBA. In DevOps environment, you need the finer access privilege definition that comes in 12.1 (common/local users) and in 12.2 (lockdown profiles, PDB isolation).Can we administrate a Cloud or on-premises database and give PDB administration rights to application teams for their application? And clearly define roles between system DBA and application DBA? The new features and best practices.

Speaker:  Matthieu Münch

Time:          17:00-17:45 Uhr

Room:       Oslo

GoldenGate-ODI: Verstärken Sie Ihr Business mit Real-Time BI

Daten in Real-Time zu analysieren gibt Ihnen heute einen entscheidenden Vorteil gegenüber der Konkurrenz. Leider bieten, stand heute, nur einige Reporting Lösungen diese Funktionalität auch an. Oracle kann seinen Kunden schon heute Datenanalysen in Real-Time anbieten in dem das Produkt GoldenGate und die EL-T (Extract, Load-Transform) Technologien von ODI kombiniert werden. In dieser Präsentation werden wir live Daten von Börsen-Systemen beziehen und Ihnen aufzeigen wie sich die Reports auf Grund dieser Daten dynamisch verändern.

Wednesday, 16th November 2016

Speaker:  Pascal Brand

Time:          10:00-10:45 Uhr

Room:       Prag

Monitoring von WebLogic 12C Domain mit RESTfull Interface

Eine der neuen Leistungsmerkmale in WebLogic 12C ist das RESTfull Interface, das es ermöglicht, die WebLogic ManagedBeans direkt über HTTP/S Requests abzufragen. WebLogic RESTfull Management Services gewährleisten ein umfassendes Interface für die Konfiguration, das Monitoring, die Implementierung von Applikationen und die Verwaltung des WebLogic Servers in allen unterstützten Umgebungen. Z.B kann der Server Status leicht über eine einfache URL überprüft werden und mit einem Monitoring Programm wie Nagios entsprechend verbunden werden. Zusätzliche Ressourcen (WLST Script oder JMX Java-Anwendungen) sind nicht erforderlich. RESTfull Modules sind auf dem WebLogic Domain Administration Server installiert.

Speaker:  Clemens Bleile

Time:          12:00-12:45 Uhr

Room:       Shanghai

In-Memory-Pläne für den 12.2-Optimizer: Teuer oder billig?

Mit In-Memory bekommt der Oracle Optimizer neue Plan-Alternativen. Wie werden diese im Vergleich zu “normalen” Plänen gewichtet? Was kosten z. B. fünf In-Memory-Zugriffe im Vergleich zu fünf logischen IOs im Buffer Cache? Tendiert der Optimizer eher zu In-Memory-Plänen oder haben traditionelle Full-Table-Scans noch eine Chance? Dieser Vortrag beschäftigt sich auch mit den Optimizer-Erweiterungen für In-Memory in 12.2.

Speaker:  Gérard Wisson

Time:          16:00-16:45 Uhr

Room:       Prag

Cloud Control 13c – Lifecycle Management Modul

Sie verwalten mehrere dutzend Weblogic Server und Domains. Sind alle richtig konfiguriert für die verschiedenen Anwendungen, die darauf laufen? Sind alle Voraussetzungen erfüllt? Sind die richtigen Versionen installiert? Welche Patches sind appliziert? Starten Sie von null, wenn sie einen neuen Managed Server installieren? Falls Sie sich solche Fragen stellen, kann wahrscheinlich Oracle Cloud Control 13c Ihnen helfen, und zwar mit dem Einsatz des Lifecycle Management Modul. In diesem Vortrag werden die verschiedenen Lösungen im Middleware-Rahmen erklärt und ein Teil davon tiefer angeschaut und demonstriert.

Thursday, 17th November 2016

Speaker:  David Hueber

Time:          10:00-10:45 Uhr

Room:       Tokio

Databases Clone Using ACFS

Test- oder Entwicklungs-Datenbanken neu zu erstellen, ist für DBAs fast schon zur täglichen Aufgabe geworden. Leider erfüllt die traditionelle DUPLICATE-Methode nicht mehr die heutigen Anforderungen, mit denen wir durch Datenmenge, Dauer und Flexibilität konfrontiert sind. File Systeme wie ACFS haben „Commit-On-Write“ Technologien für die Snapshot-Erstellung eingeführt, die das Paradigma der Datenbank-Bereitstellung und des DB-Klonens ändern. In diesem Vortrag wird präsentiert, wie die ACFS-Snapshot-Technologie es ermöglicht, einfach und schnell neue Kopien von Produktionsdatenbanken zu erzeugen.

Speaker:  David Hueber

Zeit:           14:00-14:45 Uhr

Raum:       Singapur

Oracle on Atomic Linux

Einer der aktuellen grossen Trends in Infrastrukturumgebungen ist die Container-Technologie und insbesondere Docker. Im Zuge neuer Container-Implementierungen, traten neue Anforderungen, wie Clustering, auf. Um diesen Herausforderungen gerecht zu werden, wurden spezielle Distributionen angeboten. Atomic Linux ist eine schlanke Linux Distribution dediziert für Container, die auch Clustering-Funktionalitäten bietet. In diesem Vortrag wird präsentiert, wie man eine Cluster-DbaaS-Umgebung für Oracle Datenbanken mit Atomic Linux aufbauen könnte.

Speaker:  William Sescu

Time:          15:00-15:45 Uhr

Room:       Neu Delhi

Effizientes Recovery mit Oracle Flashback Techniken in 12c

RMAN ist ein sehr mächtiges Tool, doch Oracle liefert viele weitere Möglichkeiten, um Ihre Umgebung zu schützen und schnell Daten wiederherzustellen. Ausversehen commited, obwohl Sie es nicht wollten? Was nun? Flashback Techniken können unter Umständen sehr hilfreich sein, um die alten Daten zurückzugewinnen. Wie man diese Techniken effizient nutzt, demonstriere ich in dieser Session.

Friday, 18th November 2016

Speaker:  Daniel Westermann

Time:         9:00-17:00 Uhr

Room:       Kopenhagen

Oracle Grid Infrastructure - SCHULUNGSTAG -

Mit der Grid Infrastructure bietet Oracle eine Cluster-Lösung mit der sich ziemlich alle Produkte hochverfügbar betreiben lassen. Gleichzeitig sind Cluster-Lösungen, egal von welchem Hersteller, jedoch Produkte, die nur dann verlässlich arbeiten wenn die darunter liegen Schichten richtig vorbereitet, konfiguriert und überwacht sind. Das betrifft nicht nur die Grid Infrastructure an sich sondern auch das Betriebssystem, die Kernel Parameter, die Anbindung der Speicherkomponenten und die optimale Konfiguration des Netzwerks. Erschwerend kommt hinzu, dass in einer Cluster Umgebung auch alle beteiligten Fachbereiche effizient zusammenarbeiten müssen; und je nach Betriebs-Organisation können das einige sein.
Zwei Oracle Grid Infrastructure Experten von dbi services werden im Rahmen des Schulungstages ihr Wissen, ihre Methoden, ihre Tools und die dbi Best Practices mit Ihnen teilen.
Zahlreiche Live Demos vermitteln Ihnen eingehendes Verständnis für die Arbeitsweise und den Anforderungen der Oracle Grid Infrastructure und Sie lernen, wie Sie das Beste aus Ihrer Umgebung herausholen können.

Zielgruppe: Datenbank-Administratoren, System-Administratoren, Storage Administratoren
Level: mittel
Vorkenntnisse erforderlich: Vorkenntnisse in Linux erforderlich

Further information regarding this event:

Pierre-Yves Brehier
Pierre-Yves Brehier

Region Manager


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