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Press release – Launch of the 4th subsidiary of the Swiss specialist for IT infrastructures

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dbi services establishes Bern office

Delémont, December 4, 2018 – dbi services – a Swiss firm specialized in middleware solutions – is expanding its presence in Switzerland by establishing an office in the capital city. The Bern office will open its doors on 15th December 2018 at Marktgasse 45. It will be headed by Kurt Meier, who will be in charge of developing operations in the Bern region. Delivery and project management will be handled by Michael Wirz. This fourth subsidiary matches the expansion strategy of dbi services, aimed at being closer to clients. It will entail the creation of five positions in Oracle and Open Source technologies within 18 months.

A new location and five newly created jobs

To meet the demand of its ever-growing client base in the Bern region, dbi services is settling in the city of Bern in modern, fully equipped premises. Kurt Meier has been hired to head the subsidiary and to develop business in this part of the country. His experience and skills, particularly in relation to the launch of the Zurich office of dbi services, make him the ideal candidate for this mission. He is also in charge of setting up the consulting team that will serve the firm’s clients in the region, thus generating five new positions by mid-2020. Delivery and project management as well as quality assurance will be handled by Michael Wirz, Database Analyst and a seasoned Oracle specialist.

Proximity at the heart of the approach

Operating since 2010 on the middleware infrastructure markets, dbi services is already present in Delémont, Basel, Zurich and Nyon, and is experiencing significant growth. The launch of the Bern office is part of an expansion strategy aimed at getting closer to clients and becoming their preferred partner.

David Hueber, CEO of dbi services: “Our office in the city of Bern meets a client demand and our desire to offer a locally-based service. This region is also strategic given the presence of the many federal administrative entities and major companies that are likely to be attracted to our cutting-edge offering.”

Media Contact
Florence Porret
Head of Marketing & Communication
+41 79 927 24 61

About dbi services

dbi services designs, builds and operates cutting-edge middleware infrastructure in order to allow its customers to focus on their core businesses. With consultants who are experts in Oracle, MicrosoftSQL, OpenText and Open Source technologies, the company is equipped to offer tailor-made and efficient solutions. dbi services is based in Delémont, Zurich, Basel, Nyon and Bern, and employs 70 comitted associates whose knowledge and skills are constantly progressing owing particularly to continuous training. Active in Switzerland, but also in France and Germany,
dbi services enjoys the trust of 200 companies – SMBs and multinationals – operating in various sectors.

dbi services supports the Linux Foundation

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dbi services supports the Linux Foundation

We pursue our commitment to Open Source and show our support for the Linux Foundation by donating $ 1’000.00

We are increasingly active in the field of Open Source. Therefore, we would like to support actively these technologies presently allowing us to satisfy our customers in this domain. This is the reason why we donated $ 1.000 to the Linux Foundation. “We chose it from among others because Linux is the keystone of our Open Infrastructure offer. It is THE operating system on which we realize all of our operations in this domain” specifies Daniel Westermann, Technology Leader Open Infrastructure and Senior Consultant at dbi services.

This donation fits in the Open Source’s culture of openness and sharing and will be renewed next year in favour of another community.

About the Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation is dedicated to building sustainable ecosystems around open source projects to accelerate technology development and industry adoption. Founded in 2000, The Linux Foundation provides unparalleled support for open source communities through financial and intellectual resources, infrastructure, services, events, and training. Working together, The Linux Foundation and its projects form the most ambitious and successful investment in the creation of shared technology.

DOAG 2018

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DOAG 2018 Conference + Exhibition

November 20th to 22nd in Nuremberg

Just a few weeks to go until the DOAG 2018 Conference + Exhibition opens its doors!

dbi services and its experts will be there to share their knowledge with the community and participate as an exhibitor at booth number 242 on the 2nd floor. Every day a prize draw takes place at our booth with a Swiss watch to win and many other things. Visit us!

Find out which sessions will be hold by our experts by scrolling down:

Tuesday 20th of November

German - Back to the roots: Oracle Datenbanken I/O Management

By Jérôme Witt

Speicherarchitekturen entwickeln sich jedes Jahr weiter, 3-Tier-SAN-Technologien sind bereits von gestern, mechanische Festplatten sind nicht mehr das Mass der Dinge.
Viele Systeme arbeiten trotz der vertikalen Skalierbarkeit weiterhin mit gepufferten I/Os.
Das Ziel dieser Präsentation ist es aufzuzeigen, wie die Oracle-Prozesse mit I/O-Subsystemen umgehen und wie sich die Parameter auf die I/O-Reaktionszeit auswirken. Während dem Vortrag werden Verschiedene Thematiken angesprochen wie z.B Oracle ASM/ACFS, Oracle dNFS, usw …

For further information, please click here

German - ODA HA: What about VMs and backup?

By David Hueber

ODAs werden durch einige unserer Kunden im Rahmen einer Konsolidierung verwendet. Nebst den Datenbanken führen sie einige Anwendungs-VMs aus wie Weblogic-Server, Load-Balancer oder einfach einige Samba Shares. Obwohl das Backup der Datenbanken perfekt gehandhabt und unter Kontrolle gehalten wird, kommt es leider regelmässig dazu, dass die VM-Backups vergessen werden. In diesem Vortrag wird die Architektur und das Management solcher VMs auf ODA Xn-2HA, basierend auf OVM und OAKCLI, vorgestellt. Dabei wird der Schwerpunkt auf Backups gelegt, einschließlich Online-Backups von VMs.

For further information, please click here

English - MySQL 8.0 Community Ready for GDPR ?

By Elisa Usai

One of the most topical subject today is security.
New MySQL 8.0 version introduces several improvements about that, such as:
– Encryption of Undo and Redo logs, which comes to enrich existing datafile encryption
– Password rotation policy, to avoid a user to always use the same passwords
– New caching_sha2_password plugin, which let you manage authentication in a faster and more secure way
– SQL Roles, to to simplify the user access right management
So… let’s have a look!

For further information, please click here

German - Oracle, PostgreSQL, Docker und Kubernetes bei der Mobiliar

By Daniel Westermann + Hans Eichenberger

Die Mobiliar stand vor der Herausforderung, dass für Applikationen, die in Container in einem Kubernetes Cluster deployed werden, Datenbanken schnell, einfach und voll automatisiert zur Verfügung gestellt werden müssen. Die ursprüngliche Lösung mit einer REST-Schnittstelle, die via PL/SQL und der Multitenant-Option automatisch eine PDB erstellt, konnte nicht mehr alle zukünftigen Anforderungen abdecken, wie z.B. den Betrieb in einer beliebigen Cloud mit kalkulierbaren Kosten oder den durchgängigen DB-Software-Stack von der Entwicklung auf dem Notebook bis in die Produktion. Dieser Vortrag zeigt auf wie es zu dem Projekt kam, welche Hürden es zu meistern galt, warum PostgreSQL und nicht Oracle das Produkt der Wahl wurde und wie die Architektur (Initialisierung, Persistenz, Backup, Restore, Überwachung und Prozesse) heute aussieht.
Die ist ein gemeinsamer Vortrag von “die Mobiliar” und “dbi services”.

For further information, please click here

Wednesday 21st of November

English - Implement SAML 2.0 SSO in WLS and IDM Federation Services

By Pascal Brand

This presentation describes the steps to configure the WebLogic security providers, the Single Sign On metadata files generation and import to the Oracle Identity Management Federation Services. We will describe issues encountered and the troubleshooting done while implementing Single Sign On in WebLogic Domain using SAML 2.0 and Oracle Identity Management Federation Services.
RDBMS security store is mandatory for this configuration to be supported. We will present the way to configure a RDMS security store.
We will describe the login life cycle and the changes to apply when fronted by a Load Balancer and show you how to manage multiple applications deployed in multiple WebLogic Server in the same WebLogic Domain and/or deployed in WebLogic Clusters.

For further information, please click here

German - Das Battle - Oracle vs. PostgreSQL

By Daniel Westermann + Jan Karremans

Das Battle – Oracle vs. PostgreSQL.
Moderation: Johannes Ahrends

For further information, please click here

German - Datenbank und Anwendungskonsolidierung mit der Oracle Cloud

By Thomas Rein

Mit der OCI stellt Oracle starke Werkzeuge zur Verfügung, um bestehende Anwendungen in der Oracle Cloud zu konsolidieren.
Im Projektbericht wird gezeigt, wie ein CRM/CM-System für mehrere Mandanten in der OCI in eine hochverfügbare Infrastruktur konsolidiert wird. Zum Einsatz kommen auf Ebene der Datenbank Oracle 18c, Multitenant Option und Data Guard. Für jeden Mandanten werden drei PDBs (Production, Acceptance und Test) bereitgestellt. Neue Mandanten werden über PDB Cloning provisioniert. Auf Ebene Application Server wird die Hochverfügbarkeit über Loadbalancer und redundante Applicationserver VMs bereitgestellt. Die Trennung der Mandanten erfolgt über eigene Virtual Cloud Networks. Die Provisionierung neuer Mandanten erfolgt über Cloning vorbereiteter Images.

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Thursday 22nd of November

German - Blockchain for Newbies

By Alain Lacour

In diesem Vortrag wird ein Überblick darüber gegeben, wie Blockchain funktioniert. Welche Rätsel sie lösen kann. Welche Geschichte sich dahinter verbirgt.
Jeder Stein zum Aufbau der Blockchain wird gezeigt und an Hand von Beispielen erklärt, wie er in den Gesamtprozess passt.
Dank mehrere Demos wird visualisiert, wie die Blöcke voneinander abhängig sind. Es werden auch Beispiele gegeben, was in Zukunft noch mit Blockchain gemacht werden kann.
Das Ziel ist es, den Zuhörern mit diesem Überblick ein gewisses Verständnis zu eröffnen, was sich hinter Blockchain versteckt.

For further information, please click here

German with live translation - Wesentliches bei Oracle Datenbank- und SQL-Tuning

By Clemens Bleile

Beim Berliner Expertenseminar “Wesentliches bei Oracle Datenbank- und SQL-Tuning” im April diesen Jahres und bei den Oracle Performance Tuning Workshops meiner Firma dbi services, fand und findet der Teil, wo es um die essentiellen Dinge beim Oracle- und SQL-Performance-Tuning geht, immer besonders guten Anklang bei den Kursteilnehmern. Aus dem Grund möchte ich diesen Teil einer breiteren Öffentlichkeit mit dieser Präsentation vorstellen.
Was bedeutet “Performance Tuning”? Was sind die Ziele? Wer ist involviert? Welche Fähigkeiten, welche Erfahrungen und welches Wissen sollte man bei der DB- und SQL-Optimierung mitbringen? Solche Fragen werden in der Präsentation behandelt. Am wichtigsten ist aber die Vorstellung der methodischen Vorgehensweise. Abgerundet wird der Vortrag mit der Diskussion der grössten Fehler beim Oracle Performance-Tuning und wie man diese vermeidet.

For further information, please click here

Press release – dbi services becomes Red Hat Advanced Business Partner

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dbi services becomes Red Hat Advanced Business Partner

To better meet the need of Open Source technologies, dbi services strengthens its partnership with Red Hat – the world’s largest non-proprietary technology provider – and moves from the status of “Ready Partner” to “Advanced Business Partner”. This evolution allows the company based in Delémont to provide its customers with the latest solutions along with the certified experts for building and operating cutting-edge infrastructures based on Red Hat solutions

For some months now, dbi services is moving forward down the path of non-proprietary technologies. In February 2018, the company created an Open Source team headed by Daniel Westermann and established partnerships with suppliers such as EnterpriseDB, Severalnines, Cloudera and Docker.

To extend its network, dbi services initially became Red Hat Ready Partner, the first level of partnership proposed by the Raleigh-based firm. To be able to serve its customers with increased efficiency, dbi services recently took one step further in this partnership and became Advanced Business Partner. This status allows the Swiss company to have direct access to Red Hat as well as the required certifications for providing customers with state-of-the-art infrastructure based on Red Hat solutions.

By entering this level of partnership with Red Hat, we demonstrate our will to diversify our solutions as well as our commitment to Open Source solutions in order to offer price-attractive and high-value solutions to meet the needs of our customers.” explains Daniel Westermann, Senior Consultant & Technology Leader Open Infrastructure at dbi services.

PGConf Europe

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PG Conf.EU 2018

24-26 October 2018

This year’s PostgreSQL Conference takes place from October 24th to 26th in Lisbon, at the Lisbon Marriott Hotel.

dbi services won’t miss the 10th edition of the Conference and will be well represented by Daniel Westermann, Hervé Schweitzer and Pierre-Yves Bréhier who can be found on our booth in the exhibitor’s area.

Dinner for Swiss Postgres users

If you are a PostgreSQL enthusiast living or working in Switzerland, then let’s meet in Lisbon. We would be happy to have you with us for a networking dinner (around 9 p.m.) on 23rd of October.

Let us know by eMailing us until October 16th to See you there!

This evening is organized by SwissPUG in collaboration with dbi services.

dbi services’ expertise in Open Infrastructures

dbi services has a dedicated team to Open Source technologies that is led by Daniel Westermann. The services offered cover databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, NoSQL), operating systems (Linux), containerisation (Docker), big data (Hadoop/Cloudera), cloud computing (OpenStack/Mirantis) and many other solutionssuch as Elastick Stack and Ansible.

dbi services has already established several partnerships with companies such as EnterpriseDB, Red Hat, Severalnines and Cloudera.

Our PostgesSQL workshops

How about registering for a PostgreSQL training in Basel, Zurich, Lausanne or Geneva? Find the links below and register online.

Event Enterprise ready Open Infrastructures

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Enterprise ready Open Infrastructures

12th September 2018 in Basel

Open source software is the new standard for data centers and cloud infrastructures. Join us together with our partners RedHat, EnterpiseDB and Hidora to get an overview on what you can do with Docker, OpenShift, EnterpiseDB containers as well as in the Hidora cloud. In addition, you’ll learn what is new on PostgreSQL 11.

SESSIONS AND PRESENTATIONS (Language: mainly German)

Accelerate application delivery with OpenShift

Presented by

  • Peter Mumemthaler, RedHat (in german)

In this presentation you will get an introduction into the Container Solution OpenShift. Learn how Red Hat® OpenShift® helps teams deliver faster with containers and Kubernetes. Finally get a first impression of OpenShift with a short and simple demo on how your future application delivery could look like. 

Are you ready for the next level? EDB Containers in RedHat OpenShift

Presented by

  • Daniel Westermann, Delivery Manager and Senior Consultant at dbi services (in german)
  • Jan Karremans, EnterpriseDB (in german)
Docker and Kubernetes are everywhere and OpenShift is one of the major platforms for that. Combining these with EDB Containers will push your database infrastructure to a new level: Easy deployment, autoscaling, automatic failover, active directory integration and backup and recovery. We will start with a short introduction and will directly dive into the demo.

What is infrastructure as code and why should you adopt it?

Presented by

  • Matthieu Robin, Hidora (in english)
The infrastructure as code is an approach to IT infrastructure management in the cloud, microservices and continuous delivery. The basic idea is that you treat your IT infrastructure as a program, which you allows you to make changes quickly and easily and to be able to safely and reliably upgrade your infrastructure. Let’s dive in. 

What we already know about PostgreSQL 11

Presented by

  • Daniel Westermann, Delivery Manager and Senior Consultant at dbi services (in german)
PostgreSQL 10 is not even one year old and PostgreSQL 11 is just around the corner. This is a (very personal) selection of improvements and new features with some demos. There are improvements to partitioning, parallel query and much more. 


Hotel Euler, Centralbahnpl. 14, 4002 Basel


Place:     Hotel Euler, Basel

Date:      the 12th of September 2018

Time:     8h30 – 13h00 (lunch incl.)

Price:     FREE EVENT

Language:   mainly German


08.00: Welcome coffee

08.30: Session 1 – Accelerate application delivery with OpenShift – with Peter Mumemthaler from RedHat

09.20: Session 2 – Are you ready for the next level? EDB Containers in RedHat OpenShift – with Jan Karremans from EDB & Daniel Westermann from dbi services

10.00: Break

10.25: Session 4 – What is infrastructure as code and why should you adopt it? – with Matthieu Robin from Hidora

11.15: Session 5 – What we already know about PostgreSQL 11 – with Daniel Westermann from dbi services

12:00: Questions / Answers

12:15: Lunch

Register for this event

Please contact me via :  E-mail Phone

By completing this form, I agree that my data will be stored and processed by dbi services. I know that dbi services will send me newsletters and invitations by email or post and that I may unsubscribe at any time by following the instructions in the communications received.

New Oracle technology organization at dbi services

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New Oracle technology organization at dbi services

Clemens Bleile is named Oracle Technology Leader

As of now, Clemens Bleile becomes the new Oracle Technology Leader at dbi services.

Clemens Bleile has more than 26 years of IT experience, including 13 in Oracle Support and 10 in Oracle Consulting. He is specialized in Oracle Database Performance Tuning (SQL Tuning, DB Tuning) and building Oracle Database IT architecture (highly available, low-maintenance, cost efficient storage of data). He is an expert in problem analysis and resolution.

Clemens Bleile is Oracle Certified Professional 11g, 12c and Oracle Certified Expert for Performance Management and Tuning and holds a Degree in Business Information Systems from the Fachhochschule Furtwangen, Germany.

Prior to joining dbi services, Clemens Bleile was Senior Manager of the EMEA Database Performance team at the Oracle Global Customer Support Services.

Clemens Bleile will continue to deliver his expertise in the Oracle Tuning field in the German speaking part of Switzerland, whereas Nicolas Jardot will ensure the Oracle Tuning projects in the French speaking part of Switzerland.

The Oracle Tuning workshops will be given by both experts.

Clemens Bleile
Technology Leader and Senior Consultant at dbi services
Nicolas Jardot
Senior Consultant at dbi services
Pierre-Yves Brehier
Pierre-Yves Brehier

Region Manager

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