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Testimony of Mehdi Bada


What brought you to work for dbi services?

I started working for dbi services for my end-of-studies internship. dbi services offered me my first work experience and allowed me to validate my internship. Afterwards I was hired as a Big Data Consultant.

What did dbi services do to make you gain knowledge and experience?

The company offered me all needed resources to acquire knowledge in the IT-infrastructure field. The transition from the school-to-work life was perfectly led.

The day-to-day work together with IT-infrastructure experts allowed me to understand what customer’s expectations against a consultant really are. All these stages were perfectly managed thanks to my Delivery Manager.

On a professional point of view, how do you feel about working at dbi services?

I am really happy to work for dbi services. It’s a company which endeavors to make its young consultants gain in experience and knowledge, what shows that the company clearly is future-oriented.

What does dbi services offer what you probably wouldn’t get from another company?

Access to education:

  • Firstly through external training courses which are rarely refused. On the other hand with internal training courses (dbi InSite workshops) which are given by recognized experts.
  • Secondly, dbi services organizes its own events and participates at external events. dbi services’ experts are participating either as speaker or simply as auditor.
  • Finally, dbi services also offers the needed resources (time and money) for self-learning, what allows us to gain knowledge for new tools.

What’s your greatest experience as a consultant at dbi services?

My greatest experience as a consultant was my first consulting mission for a customer in Lucerne. The objective of the mission was the study and implementation of a MongoDB infrastructure. This was the occasion for me to put all my knowledge around MongoDB into practice as well as to test a tool I developed (DMK MongoDB) in a real IT environment.

What motivates you most about working for dbi services?

The biggest motivation for me at dbi services is to participate at building and setting up a new service offer regarding Big Data infrastructures.

How do you spend your free time?

I spend my free time with my family, my friends as well as my main sport activity which is playing football.

Do you have to make decisions/concessions regarding your free time?

During my first year at dbi services I had to make concessions, in particular for my sport activities, in order to spend more time at work and enhance my skills more quickly.

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Mehdi Bada
Mehdi Bada

Senior Consultant