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Database Excellence Academy 2017

dbi services shares its passion for IT infrastructures and prepares for the future with young graduates in Information Systems

This year, dbi services again renewed its partnership with HEG-Arc in Neuchâtel by offering courses to five of their graduating students.

With its “Database Excellence Academy”, dbi services gives young graduates in Information Systems the opportunity to participate in a series of practical training programmes lasting 3 to 4 days and dealing with a number of database technologies. During the training, which is delivered by seasoned, recognised professionals, participants learned to install, configure and administer databases. By taking this step, dbi services not only aims to provide a springboard which will facilitate the transition of new graduates into work, but also to compensate for the shortage of skilled workers in Switzerland in this highly specialised area.

“Currently, the Swiss IT market, in particular the middleware infrastructure and database market, is facing a lack of qualified workers. Among other reasons, this phenomenon can be explained by the fact that these fields are not taught very often as part of IT-oriented training and academic courses of study. It is therefore difficult for these young IT graduates to understand what the job of a database administrator entails and what is involved in managing an IT infrastructure. Given that the term middleware covers a very vast and relatively abstract part of the IT field, it is even more important that this area is presented by experienced and passionate technicians who are able to pass on their knowledge and experience. At dbi services, passion for IT infrastructures and knowledge sharing are values which are integral to the company. Through these three training programmes, we want to give young IT professionals in the region the chance to discover the world of IT infrastructures and, we hope, to motivate them to further their career in this field.” explains Gregory Steulet, CFO of dbi services.

In collaboration with the HEG-Arc of Neuchâtel, through their Information Systems study program, dbi services has selected 5 talented and motivated candidates to attend the 3 workshops offered as part of the Database Excellence Academy, namely the Oracle DBA workshop, the SQL Server DBA workshop and the MySQL DBA workshop. The 5 candidates chosen for the Database Excellence Academy 2017 are Dylan Montandon, Mella Dimitri, Sébastien Pomi, Johan Steiner and Sébastien Quiquerez.

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Grégory Steulet
Grégory Steulet

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Partner Manager
Delivery Manager