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Webinar Open Infrastructure (in English)

17.09.2020, Online

We are pleased to present you the new edition of our Open Infra Day. This year, our Open Source-oriented event includes three technical presentations exploring various topics such as Kubernetes, Suse Linux Enterprise and PostgreSQL.


One click "Instant Postgres cloning" with Suse BTRFS


With today’s Dev/Ops approach, databases need to be provisioned and cloned instantly.

Developers often need new Postgres instances for development and testing purposes against a defined version. These must be readily available for testing and validation procedures. By combining PostgreSQL with the BRTFS filesystem on SUSE Linux Enterprise systems, this requirement becomes a no brainer.

This session will guide you through rapid provisioning and cloning using BRTFS subvolumes in an automated way. Wrap that into Ansible playbooks and database instances can be provisioned and cloned by everyone.

Presented by

  • Saïd Mendi, Consultant at dbi services
Will PostgreSQL finally get the “undo” function?


Traditionally PostgreSQL stores relations in a format called ” heap “. This comes with advantages, but also with drawbacks. One of the downsides is that every PostgreSQL DBA needs to deal with bloat at some point in time as updates generate new rows in PostgreSQL.

Zheap promises to eliminate most of this bloat. In addition, it claims to be superior for certain kinds of workloads by introducing undo segments. In various demos, we will go through the architecture of zheap, highlight its advantages and then do some tests, thus comparing heap and zheap.

Presented by

  • Daniel Westermann, Technology Leader Open Infrastructure and Principal Consultant at dbi services
OpenShift Container Platform - Kubernetes for enterprises


Containers, Kubernetes and hybrid cloud. What’s behind the hype and how these technologies can help your business.

What are Containers and their benefits.

Why you need Kubernetes and what it can do.

Deploying, delivering, and scaling containers with OpenShift.


Presented by

  • Marius Lapagna, Solution Architect at Red Hat


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