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Microsoft, Oracle, Open Source, Cloud: All data infrastructure technologies in one place

4.11.2021 in French & 11.11.2021 in German

Sharpen your knowledge about data infrastructures and platforms during our dbi services event. During half a day, our experts will discuss Oracle, Microsoft, Open Source, AWS, Cloud and many other themes. Not only will you update your skills and have the possibility to broaden your scope of knowledge, but you will also have plenty of time to share with our experts and other participants around a cup of coffee or during lunch.



SQL Server Automatic Tuning

In this session, we will discover how the Query Store feature introduced with SQL Server 2016 now allows the automatic plan correction as well as the automatic index management on SQL Server and Azure SQL Database.

Presented by

  • Steven Naudet, Consultant at dbi services

The magic of PostgreSQL High Availability tools

There are many solutions available for High Availability on PostgreSQL. This presentation offers deeper insight into two of them:  EnterpriseDB Failover Manager and Patroni. Both come with their advantages and drawbacks. Have you ever wondered which solution better suits your needs? We will explore the architecture of both solutions and look at a demo for the most common use cases. Which one will win your heart?

Presented by

  • Julia Gugel, Consultant at dbi services

Using Nutanix Era to manage your Oracle databases on AWS

The presentation first introduces Nutanix ERA. We will then enter the core of the subject using a Nutanix Lab built on AWS to test the solution with Oracle databases and see how the Nutanix provided backup solution interacts with the databases. We will also discover how to perform a refresh of a clone and how to restore a database using Nutanix ERA snapshots. Finally, we will examine the snapshot technology used by Nutanix.

Presented by

  • Marc Wagner, Consultant at dbi services

Kubernetes Ingress Controller journey

In this presentation we will try to clarify and discover some of the most popular K8S Ingress controllers with no pretence of showing and knowing everything but at least try to grasp the pros and cons of this family. And why not provide you with some guidance if needed?

Presented by

  • Pascal Lerch, Consultant at dbi services

An Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager (OLVM) overview (only in the French-speaking event)

If OVM, Oracle’s previous virtualization product, had never been very popular, the time has come to bring a brand-new virtualization solution product, OLVM, based on the famous and robust KVM. This could be a real alternative to appliance or bare-metal infrastructures.

Presented by

  • Jérôme Dubar, Senior Consultant at dbi services

Monitor your databases with Percona Monitoring and Management tool (only in the French-speaking event)

Is your infrastructure composed of a mix of Oracle products and Open Source RDBMS such as MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, or Galera Cluster? Do you want to have a single monitoring tool that supports several database technologies in the same way? Do you need to ensure your system’s health and spot your performance issues at a glance?
Percona Monitoring and Management tool (PMM) is a free and Open Source software for monitoring, alerting, and graphing your databases using some integrated tools such as Grafana and VictoriaMetrics.
Let’s have a look!

Presented by

  • Elisa Usai, Delivery Manager & Consultant at dbi services

Container virtualization – what, why, when? (only in the German-speaking event)

What makes container virtualization different from other virtualization techniques? What are its pros and cons? What are its limitation? Which use cases are suitable for container virtualization? A technical introduction and live demonstration.

Presented by

  • Casimir Schmid, Consultant at dbi services
  • Karsten Lenz, Consultant at dbi services

AI (and ML) for dummies (only in the German-speaking event)

During this introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we will try to answer the following questions: What is it, what is it used for, do we have to be scared about it?

Presented by

  • Alain Lacour, Delivery Manager and Consultant at dbi services

AWS’ DevOps offering: An overview

AWS became one of the largest cloud providers and has its own DevOps offering. During this presentation we will see how it is built, the services and the tooling offered with an end-to-end CI/CD pipeline.

Presented by

  • Mehdi Bada, Senior Consultant at dbi services

ExaCC Oracle

There are very good reasons to move Oracle Databases from on-premises to Exadata [email protected] Besides the pros and cons of such a decision in terms of security, costs, or DevOps agility, there are of course technical considerations when moving non-container databases from Sparc Solaris to container databases on Exadata [email protected] platform. What are the possible approaches when migrating to the new platform? What are the tools Oracle offers to migrate with minimum downtime? How can we inform employees concerning new technical areas like Oracle Grid Infrastructure (RAC, ASM) or Multitenant databases?

Presented by

  • Clemens Bleile, Technology Leader and Principal Consultant at dbi services

IaC, expertise as code

In recent years, Infrastructure as Code (IaC) has developed strongly, mainly because of DevOps environments. This approach is very useful for provisioning environments in a fast, traceable and repeatable way and is also of advantage for the development of pipeline environments. But how can you also benefit from these tools in production environments? In this presentation we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of production environments with IaC and highlight deployments, regardless of the public Cloud provider.

Presented by

  • Hervé Schweitzer, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Principal Consultant at dbi services



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