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Event Oracle SE Pack

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Event Oracle SE Pack

5th/6th/7th of June 2018

The Oracle Database Appliance ist well known as an Easy-to-Deploy Engineered system. Is this not fast enough? dbi services has developed the Oracle SE Pack for a professional, secure and ready-to-run Oracle infrastructure. With our event you will discover what the Oracle SE Pack can offer for optimizing both, implementation time and high availability. Join us for a convivial and technical event.

Format & language

Breakfast (07:45 – 10:00 a.m.)

  • Zurich the 05.06.2018 – in German
  • Basel the 06.06.2018 – in German
  • Neuchatel the 07.06.2018 – in French

Afterwork (05:00 – 06:30 p.m.)

  • Bern the 06.06.2018 – in German
  • Lausanne the 07.06.2018 – in French

dbi Oracle SE Pack : Oracle Ready to Use !

Since more than 5 years the Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) is providing an all-in-one standardized platform to run and consolidate Oracle databases. The ODA is built in a way to provide an Easy to Deploy solution to quickly get Oracle environments running.
Based on several years of experience in successful ODA projects, dbi services wants to move one step forward, going from an “Easy to Deploy” to a “Ready to Use” platform. You are looking for a rapidly running Oracle Standard Edition 2 platform without investigating much time and effort in complicated concepts around standardization, optimization or even backup, then the dbi Oracle SE Pack is the right solution for you!
Using the combination of ODA, Oracle Database software, our dbi DMK Management Kit and the expertise of our experts, we propose you a whole pre-installed bundle providing up & running databases on top of which you can start deploying our application from day 1.
This session will present the latest ODA hardware generation as well as the different licenses and services you will get for a fix price thanks to the dbi Oracle SE Pack. Through a transparent and fair price, this package will allow you to strongly reduce the time to market.

dbi Oracle SE Pack : Get it high available !

Consolidating databases on an optimized and pre-configured platform is great. However, some environments may need to provide more by delivering high available services. Being on Oracle Standard Edition 2 shall not be a showstopper to improve your RPO and RTO while keeping the architecture simple. We will show you a demonstration using a real use case that shows how you can take benefit from Dbvisit Standby and significantly improve the availability of your environment through a simple extension of the Oracle SE Pack.




  • Zurich / Basel / Neuchatel
  • Bern / Lausanne


05.06.2018 to the 07.06.2018


  • Breakfast : 7h45 – 10h00
  • Afterwork : 17h00-19h00

Price:     FREE EVENT

PROGRAMME – Breakfast

7:45-8:30                                                                                                                                                  Breakfast

8:30-9:15                                                            dbi Oracle SE Pack : Oracle Ready to Use !

9:15-10:00                                                          dbi Oracle SE Pack : Get it high available 

10:00                                                               End of the event

PROGRAMME – Afterwork

17:00-17:45                                                        dbi Oracle SE Pack : Oracle Ready to Use !

17:45-18:30                                                      dbi Oracle SE Pack : Get it high available

18:30                                                               Apéro


Collaborate 18

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Collaborate 18

22-26.04.2018 in Las Vegas

Technology and Applications Forum for the Oracle Community is a conference which empowers users of Oracle business applications and database software to gain greater value from their Oracle investments through real-world education and networking.

Created by and for users, COLLABORATE provides a personalized experience alongside functional and technical insight from other experienced professionals, whether your organization seeks to maximize its on-premises solutions, evaluate a path to the cloud, or optimize your business in the cloud. Participants can expand their community and gain direct access to Oracle.

COLLABORATE is jointly presented by the Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG), the Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG) and Quest International Users Group (Quest).

dbi services takes part with the following sessions :

From IT Consultant to CEO

Presented by

  • Yann Neuhaus, Chairman of the Board, Chief Sales Officer (CSO) and Region Manager at dbi services

Date : 9:45 AM – 10:45 AM, on the 23th of April 2018

Location : Palm C

From Transportable Tablespaces to Pluggable Databases

Presented by

  • Franck Pachot, Technology Leader and Principal Consultant at dbi services

Date : 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM, on the 25th of April 2018

Location : Palm D

12.2 Multitenant New Security Features to Clarify DevOps and DBA role separation

Presented by

  • Franck Pachot, Technology Leader and Principal Consultant at dbi services

Date : 4:15 PM – 5.15 PM, on the 25th of April 2018

Location : Jasmine E



Event SQL Server 2017

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Event SQL Server 2017

27.03.2018 in Lausanne / 05.04.2018 in Zurich / 12.04.2018 in Basel

SQL Server, Linux and open source … who would have thought that we could use those words one day together? Nowadays companies are expecting a large choice of solutions and Microsoft addresses it with SQL Server 2017 available both on Windows, Linux, MacOS and docker containers.

Thanks to the strong work done on the former versions, SQL Server 2017 allows to stay fast on an automatically and adaptive way whereas performance matters and scalability of workload requirements remain in the focus.

Last but not least, cloud and AI are becoming key drivers to innovation. BI features are constantly modernizing and provide a great experience to developers and data scientists, who can explore and analyze data efficiently with a new generation of tools for example including Python, Graph databases, PowerBI Server, or SSIS Scale-out.

This event will present you new key features which, we believe, will help you driving innovation and business value which may benefit to your applications.


SQL Server is opening to a whole new world – Open Source and Linux

Presented by

  • David Barbarin, Senior Consultant and Technology Leader at dbi services

Open source is now part of the Microsoft strategy. Indeed, you may run SQL Server either on a physical or on a virtual machine, and since recently on the top of Windows and Linux operating systems as well. At the same time, DevOps and Microservices technologies emerge and seem to become an industry standard for the upcoming years where containerization is part of the new approach. However, high availability remains a main concern. In this session we will show you how Microsoft and SQL Server are addressing all these topics in the new open source world.

Stay fast and tuned with SQL Server 2017

Presented by

  • Stéphane Haby, Delivery Manager and Senior Consultant at dbi services
Data management system or databases, are becoming increasingly critical elements of the information system. At the same time, these systems aim at satisfying performance expectations and address potential Quality-of-Service violations that heavily rely on performance predictability. Based on the strong work done on SQL Server 2016 as well as customer’s feedbacks, we will show you how SQL Server 2017 makes a step forward regarding the performance area by providing a new automatically and adaptively performance dimension through both Query Processing and Automatic Tuning capabilities in order to scale with the new workload requirements.

Efficiency and Modernism in BI: the SQL Server 2017 BI toolbox

Presented by

SQL Server 2017 evolves constantly and offers new capabilities. Among the new generation set of tools, we will present how to value your business by taking full advantage of Python for Data Scientist. This tool not only allows to make predications and prescriptions but also to use Reporting Services in order to publish enriched data.



Place:      Lausanne / Zurich / Basel

Date:      27.03.2018 / 05.04.2018 / 12.04.2018

Time:      08.30 – 13.00, lunch included

Price:      FREE EVENT


8:30-9:00                                                                                                                                                  Welcome coffee

9:00-9:45                                                            SQL Server is opening to a whole new world – Open Source and Linux

9:45-10:30                                                          Stay fast and tuned with SQL Server 2017

10:30-11:00                                                   Break

11:00-11:45                                                    Efficiency and Modernism in BI the SQL Server 2017 BI toolbox

11:45-12:15                                                      Questions / answers

12:15                                                                   Lunch

Location Lausanne
Hotel Aquatis
Route de Berne 148
1010 Lausanne


Location Zurich

Walhalla Hotel

Limmatstrasse 5

8005 Zürich

Website :

Location Basel

Hôtel Victoria

Centralbahnpl. 3-4

4002 Basel

Webpage :


Executive Breakfast with dbi services & EDB

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Executive Breakfast with dbi services & EDB

07.02.2018 in Basel – 07.03.2018 in Zurich

As the pace of digital transformation quickens, businesses are increasingly engaged in a race against time. As with any other seismic change in the marketplace, this one will create winners and losers. So the enterprise imperative is clear: harness new data and new tools to grow revenue and increase market share – before a competitor or new entrant gets there first. As a result, IT leaders find themselves backed into a corner. How do you balance the undeniable need for speedy development with longstanding concerns like data integrity, security, stability and scalability? And how do you solve today’s technology challenges without making compromises that will come back to haunt you? Open-source platforms offer a way forward. What potential do they have to solve both the short- and long-term issues? A new approach to open-source architecture – paired with a new philosophy – may help ease the dilemma. Postgres is the leading open source database management system that is being developed by a very active community for more than 15 years.

By using our last success stories, Daniel Westermann (dbi services), Arnaud Berbier (dbi services) and Jan Karremans (EDB), will be explaining why companies take open source as the centerpiece to modernize their IT infrastructure, thus increasing their scalability and taking full advantage of what today’s technologies can offer.


Place:    Basel / Zurich

Date:     07.02.18 & 07.03.18

Time:    08:00 a.m – 10:15 a.m.

Price:    CHF 0.-



8:00 am :    Welcome – tea & coffee.
8:15 am :    Success story presentation
9:15 am :    Breakfast & networking

This event is organized by

in collaboration with

Location & registration

Event Open Infrastructure Day – 13.09.17 – Basel

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Open Infrastructure Day

13.09.17 in Basel

Are you ready to open your infrastructure? Open Source technologies get adapted rapidly nowadays, not only on the operating system level, but also at the deployment, monitoring, validation, virtualization and data management levels. Enterprises refuse more and more to be dependent on proprietary products and this is not only a matter of costs. Adaptations need to be implemented rapidly in today’s infrastructures. “Change” is the only constant and changes are coming faster and faster. We believe that you can only ride that horse and be prepared for the future by adapting open standards and open products.

This event will present you some selected open source products and best practices you will be able to discover through two simultaneous streams.

  Stream 1 Stream 2




GLOBAL (Stream 1+2): dbi services and its commitment in the open source area David Hueber / Hervé Schweitzer ¦ in German


dbi DBaaS with Openstack ¦ Soufiane Benmalek ¦ in English

Monitor and analyze your infrastructure with the Elastic stack ¦ Arnaud Berbier ¦ in English




Scaling MariaDB with Galera Cluster and Docker ¦ in German

Automate, control and validate your infrastructure with Ansible ¦ Natascha Karfich ¦ in German


The elephant in the enterprise – Best practices ¦ Daniel Westermann ¦ in German

Introduction to Big Data ¦ Mehdi Bada ¦ in English


GLOBAL (Stream 1+2): dbi OpenDB Appliance – Open databases made easy ¦ Daniel Westermann  ¦ in German



Session descriptions

Stream 1

Click on the titles to read the content.

Stream 2

dbi DBaaS with Openstack

Flexibility becomes a daily challenge! Application owners, developers or project members need more and more regularly and on-demand databases provisioning. Cloud architectures are a great solution in such cases. Using OpenStack to build up a cloud is a fantastic alternative to build on. Unfortunately it does not come with an “out-of-the-box” DBaaS solution. Building a DBaaS for OpenStack is just a matter of combining the right tools for the given requirements. In this session, we will present the tools we use to build up the dbi DBaaS, our service to easily provision instances and databases.

Scaling MariaDB with Galera Cluster and Docker

What if you could vertically scale a MariaDB Galera cluster staring up some more Docker containers with just single click? Either your workload increases or you hired additional developers which require more resources on the development cluster? By combining MariaDB, Galera Cluster and Docker in an easy to manage way you can adapt to changing workloads easily. Come in and attend the demo.

The elephant in the enterprise - Best practices

PostgreSQL gains more and more attraction in the database market. Companies with workloads of all sizes (small, medium, large and very large) either consider moving to PostgreSQL or did it already. Being a pure community project PostgreSQL attracts many companies because they can deploy it where ever they want without worrying about license costs. In this session we’ll look at the features that make PostgreSQL the ideal choice for enterprises of any size, no matter if it is about data in the gigabyte or terrabyte range. Applying the right best practices right from the beginning will give you freedom tomorrow.

Monitor and analyze your infrastructure with the Elastic stack

Analyzing log files of a single server or database does not give you the overall picture of what is going on in your infrastructure. But how can you tell then where the issue really is or even better how can you avoid issues before they happen? Using the Elastic Stack you can aggregate all your log files into one common location and then build dashboards which graphically present potential bottle necks, issues and trends. By defining alerts which fire on anomalies or specific log events you can save yourself a lot of work in troubeshooting. Sounds interesting?

Automate, control and validate your infrastructure with Ansible

Do you know how many servers (physical,virtual or even in the cloud) your infrastructure consists of? How do you control them and how do you make sure that all servers and the software running on top of them are in exactly the state they should be? Are you aware if someone changed something on one of the servers? Say welcome to Ansible. Ansible is a agent less “automation for everyone” solution based on ssh and Python which gives you back control over your infrastructure. No matter if you want to deploy applications on several servers in exactly the same way or if you want to validate your infrastructure against your requirements. Ansible is there to assist you and by joining this session you’ll learn about Ansible’s architecture, use cases and best practices.

An introduction to Big Data

Everybody is talking about Big Data these days and you wonder what this really is all about? What are the use cases for Big Data and what tools are around which can work with massive amounts of data? This session will introduce you into the world of the bits and bytes that want to get analyzed and correlated. After joining this session you should have a much clearer picture on what Big Data is and where it makes sense to use it.

Online registration & location

Click here to register for the event Open Infrastructure Day (13.09.17 from 8h30 – 13h15, lunch included)


If you are interested in our Big Data Event (13.09.17 from 13h30 – 16h30), then please register separately. Click here to access the Big Data Event page.

Pierre-Yves Brehier
Pierre-Yves Brehier

Region Manager

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