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Orachrome Lighty Partner

Orachrome Lighty is a complete and user-friendly diagnostic tool. Easy to install, it is a Java application that just requires a read-only JDBC connection. It is exhaustive because all diagnostic information displayed by Oracle through V$ views from AWR or Statspack can be visualized with an adapted graphical interface.

  • The “Real Time” tab shows real-time indicators of a database (figure 1, real-time tab)
  • The “Activity Viewer” tab shows the activity for 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week from a sample: (ASH if you have Diagnostic Pack, or L-ASH, a free equivalent shipped with Lighty. (Figure 2, Activity Viewer tab)
  • The multi-database view allows to monitor all databases and to immediately see if there is a peak of activity, or wait (figure 3, multi-database view)
  • Numerous reports give a view on the sessions,  the top queries, the settings, aso.

All these views can be accessed by navigating. It allows an easy access to all details in a few clicks (figure 4, Execution plans) and gives a deep level of details (figure 5, visualization of all samples of a wait event).


What to remember about Orachrome Lighty?

  • Very ergonomic and easy to use for DBAs or developers
  • Easy to install and to use
  • Graphical view of the performances, even in standard edition