Business Intelligence Services

Regarding Business Intelligence services, dbi services offers a full range of services. You want to optimize your reporting solution or you need external resources to create reports or dashboards? dbi services has the expertise and the skills you need to reach your business intelligence objectives!

Also discover the areas of expertise in BI of the dbi services’ experts.

What dbi services can do for you:

Business Intelligence needs analysis

The huge dbi services experience in the Business Intelligence area allows our consultants to give you the best analyse regarding your business activity and your reporting needs. They will help you to create your data model and to design your data warehouse. They will give you advices to create your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), your dimensions and your figures. And of course, they will help you to choose the most adapted BI solution to your needs.

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Business Intelligence solutions build up

After an accurate analysis of your Business Intelligence needs, dbi services can elaborate different Business Intelligence solutions, based on two different technologies. The two Proof Of Concepts will be evaluated by the customer and dbi services will deploy the selected one.

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Reporting factory

Mostly, development of reports, dashboards, or any other business intelligence artifacts may incur additional costs due to the lack of clear procedures governing the work to be performed. The setup of a reporting factory avoids this problem by setting up a creation and validation process at all stages of development of these reports and dashboards. The dbi services reporting factory consists of the following steps:

Step 1: Business reporting demand

This step is very important because it allows to clarify the request made by the Business through an interview. Generally, this interview follows a specific protocol in order to include all required steps needed for the creation of the report (created from the data recovery until the publication of the report on different environments and the implementation of security).

 Step 2: Analysis of the demand

The analysis of the application is made by a Business Intelligence specialist and it estimates the cost of developing the report in days.

 Step 3: Validation of the demand

Once the workload has been estimated, the business can validate the development of the report based on clear facts and figures.

 Step 4: Data loading

Once the demand has been validated, the first step in the creation of the report will be to recover the data. This step is crucial because it will allow to validate the scope of the report. In some cases, data recovery may require the creation of a new data stream in the ETL, because they are missing in the data warehouse.

reporting factory

Step 5: Data validation

Data validation is done by the Business. It validates the queries used in the report before performing the layout. Sometimes the volume of recovered data can change the layout of the report. This validation is intended to avoid additional cost for the development.

 Step 6: Report layout development

This stage is usually the longest phase of the development of a report. It is the most important because it completes the request of Business.

 Step 7: Functional tests

Functional tests are performed once the report has been developed. They allow you to check all the technical elements of the report (variables, refresh time, drill-down option, language settings …). They are carried out by the Business Intelligence team.

 Step 8: Business tests

Once the functional tests have been done, the report is sent to the Business to perform the Business tests. The Business validates the layout and the different variables created for this occasion.

 Step 9: Report final validation

It is carried out by the Business. It validates the acceptance of the report to put it into production.

 Step 10: Report publishing and security

After the clearance have been given by the Business, the report is published in the different environments (usually DEV, TEST and PROD) including the security rules. This security layer can be placed on the report itself – password to open it, using variable with the name of the User to limit the scope of visible data – or on the repository folder in which the report is saved.

Creation of Business Intelligence Artefacts (Reports, Dashboards ...)

Thanks to this expertise in different Business intelligence technologies, dbi services can develop, test, deploy and maintain the different Business Intelligence artefacts. dbi services offers expertise to cover needs for:

  • Analyzing the reporting Business needs
  • Creating the reports or dashboards
  • Maintaining the still existing reports or dashboards
  • Creating and giving some dedicated training

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Data warehouse design

You need to optimize or to create a data warehouse? You want to design a new data mart? Thanks to its well experienced consultants, dbi services offers you its expertise to:

  • Analyze your needs regarding data warehouse
  • Create the data warehouse concept
  • Build the data warehouse and the data marts

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Customization of existing Business Intelligence solution

You already use a Business Intelligence solution in your company but you need some help to create or to customize the different artefacts? dbi services offers expertise to cover needs for:

  • Analyzing the Business Intelligence artefacts (time of refresh, time of calculate, …)
  • Customizing your Business Intelligence artefacts (reports, dashboards, cubes, queries, …)
  • Creating and giving some special training on customizing

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Data quality check

Missing data in database, duplicates, bad information … One of the big problem you can face in a data warehouse is a bad data quality. dbi services can help you to check the data quality with creating some special reports:

  • Missing info check report
  • Duplicates check report
  • Data consistency check report

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Dedicated Training

dbi services can create specific training on your own Business Intelligence solution, with your own business data. dbi services consultants can provide trainings for every levels (beginning to advanced).

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BI solution installation, set up and tuning

A very efficient Business Intelligence installation and set-up is a must thing to have an optimal Business Intelligence solution. That’s why dbi services offers a panel of high skilled services to optimize your BI solution installation and set-up. You can find these services in the following list:

  • Installation of Business Intelligence solutions
  • Set-up of Business Intelligence solutions
  • Maintenance of Business Intelligence solutions
  • Security on data or user’s rights
  • Audit on Business Intelligence solutions
  • Monitoring of Business Intelligence solutions
  • Migration of Business Intelligence solutions

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