Expertise in application servers

  1. Installation, configuration & management
  2. Updates & migrations
  3. High availability (HA)
  4. Consolidation
  5. Audit, review & monitoring
  6. Load/Stress testing (WebApps)

The advantages of letting dbi services take care of your application server management

  1. Benefit from dbi services’ best practices
  2. Years of experience
  3. Certified experts
  4. DMK for WebLogic

Oracle WebLogic

Looking for a reliable foundation to host all Oracle Fusion Middleware components? Look no further than Oracle’s WebLogic platform. Our experts are fully equipped to install, upgrade, and manage your WebLogic infrastructure, including Oracle Fusion Middleware components such as Forms, Reports, Oracle Identity Management (OAM, OUD, OID), and WebTier.

Apache Tomcat, JBoss EAP & WildFly

We also offer cost-efficient alternatives to Oracle WebLogic with the installation and configuration of application servers like Apache Tomcat, JBoss EAP, and WildFly. Trust us to help you choose the best application server based on your needs and install it seamlessly into your IT environment.

Installation, configuration, integration & deployment

We install and configure the application servers according to our proven best practices. We also integrate and deploy applications on these servers using our experience and knowledge of integrating enterprise Java applications, WebApps and Web Services in production environments.

Load & Stress testing

We know that WebApps’ performance is crucial to their success, which is why our team takes a project-based approach to address load testing, stress testing, and performance optimization. Our experts use open source tools like Apache JMeter to create stress test and load test scripts based on real use case scenarios. By simulating various concurrent users, we identify performance bottlenecks, provide information on the maximum concurrent users your WebApp supports, and offer graphs and tables to help you identify slow pages.

Application servers technologies

The knowledge and skills of our experts in application servers cover several technologies. For further details, click on the technology you require.


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