DevOps Expertise

Ansible/Terraform, Docker Swarm/Kubernetes, OpenShift.

As leader in the field of Database Management Systems, dbi services offers a wide range of DevOps expertise, which is a growing sector with strong links to database infrastructures.

DevOps refers to the philosophy of unifying Software Development (Dev) and Software Operations (Ops). It is characterized by a set of practices and tools serving this common IT culture.

No wonder DevOps is spreading so quickly across technical communities including database technologies, whose implementation is now often managed with container technologies that have become a standard for modern IT architectures.

Our consultants are experienced and certified specialists for managing Docker Swarm, Kubernetes or OpenShift technologies. They provide support to infrastructure teams and help them integrating and deploying their databases thanks to container orchestration technologies.

Why not benefit from our expertise in designing, implementing, managing and optimizing DevOps environments with Docker Swarm, Kubernetes or OpenShift?

Ansible / Terraform


dbi services provides support for database implementation projects using DevOps pipeline deployment tools such as Ansible or Terraform. Our many years of experience with these tools allow us to implement deployments in many technological fields such as databases, middleware or even big data.

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Docker Swarm / Kubernetes

docker swarm

dbi services offers a high level of expertise for Docker in the field of database systems. Our consultants daily design, implement, manage and optimize PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB or Microsoft SQL Server environments with Docker.

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OpenShift is RedHat’s product for container-based software deployments and management. This tool – based on Kubernetes and Docker- allows companies to focus on coding and let OpenShift automate the implementation, execution and scaling phases. No matter which solution you choose – on-premises, cloud or hybrid – OpenShift simplifies the entire application lifecycle. dbi services’ experts are experienced in implementing EnterpriseDB containers for highly standardized environments and help our customers to completely rethink their entire architecture and processes.

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