Our expertise for hardware solutions

(Oracle ODA, PCA, Exadata, NetApp, Dell)

As an expert in the handling of enterprise information systems, dbi services also considers the hardware and storage requirements of your IT environment. Based on our best practices, our experienced consultants will make sure the implemented hardware is adapted to the requirements of your IT infrastructure in terms of sizing, performance, licensing, maintainability, etc.

dbi services is also specialized in the implementation of Oracle hardware solutions such as Oracle Database Appliance (ODA), Exadata, and Oracle Private Compute Appliance (Oracle PCA). ODA is a single-box database solution with a clustered database server covering hardware, networking, storage, and software. If you want to know more about our Oracle ODA hardware implementation and support services, please have a look at our ODA page.

Via its subsidiary Arcentis, dbi services is able to provide comprehensive IT infrastructure solutions including hardware from Dell, HP, IBM, etc.

Oracle Database Appliance (ODA)

Experts for ODA (Oracle Database Appliance)

With Oracle Database Appliance (ODA), Oracle offers a wide range of single-box database solutions going from a single-node server including flash storage to a two-nodes clustered database server all covering hardware, networking, storage, and software. ODA is an interesting way for businesses to achieve a highly available and powerful database infrastructure while keeping the time and costs of installation, management, and maintenance low. In addition it is open to both Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition databases.

It comes with a pay-as-you-grow software licensing which lets you start with an entry-level system and scale up when you need to, without the cost and downtime usually associated with hardware upgrades. Also, the hardware and software components are engineered to seamlessly work together.

As an Oracle Platinum Partner, dbi services has tested and evaluated the Oracle Database Appliance (ODA). You want to know how ODA can bring added value to your business? In our ODA dbi InSite workshop training, our consultants will share with you their expertise and recommendations. They will help you evaluate the benefits of ODA for your company regarding operating, licensing, high availability, and costs.

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Oracle Exadata

Our expertise for Oracle Exadata database solutions

dbi services masters the Oracle Exadata Database Machine – one of the fastest solution available for data management. Oracle Exadata is a high performance solution for data warehouse analyses, business-critical online transaction processing, or database consolidation. It integrates servers, storage, networking and data management software in a single, ready-to-deploy machine. Customers just need to buy the amount of processing power they require today and scale up as the business needs grow.

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Oracle Private Compute Appliance (PCA)

Experts for Oracle PCA (Private Compute Appliance)

The dbi services consultants will help you implement the Oracle Private Compute Appliance (PCA), Oracle’s new fast and efficient cloud service. Oracle PCA can be deployed very rapidly as it features preconfigured, pre-integrated, and pre-cabled hardware, software, virtualization, networking, and storage. With Oracle PCA, you can also run a heterogeneous infrastructure: The PCA supports multiple operating systems and applications (Oracle and others). As Oracle’s PCA is easily deployed in your data center, it can be a good solution for consolidating new applications, helping you save money on maintenance, and freeing up your staff for more important tasks.

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Our NetApp expertise

dbi services is has a long-standing expertise in NetApp computer storage and data management solutions. NetApp’s storage systems focus on making the managing of large amounts of storage as easy as possible. As a result, the handling of NetApp’s application devices is optimized for storage from the operating system layer to its user interface.

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Experts in Dell hardware & products

Via its subsidiary Arcentis, dbi services is able to deliver and implement hardware from Dell, one of the most important suppliers of computer hardware. dbi services can advise customers on the deployment of Dell servers, data storage, network switches, or other hardware solutions.

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