Expertise for databases

Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, NoSQL

dbi services is a recognized expert in database management. Our consultants are certified specialists in the handling of Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL and NoSQL databases. Profit from our expertise in the design, implementation, management, and optimization/tuning of databases!

While working with our experts you will also benefit from our Oracle Platinum, Microsoft Gold, and EnterpriseDB partnerships in the database management field, as well as our Dbvisit and Attunity partnerships for database replication.

Interested in trainings dedicated to Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL/MariaDB, or PostgreSQL technologies?

Have a look at our dbi InSite workshops for database administrators (DBAs)!
Our database training courses will make you profit from the know-how and the practical experience of our certified Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL/MariaDB, and PostgreSQL specialists.


Oracle databases

Our expertise for Oracle databases (12c, 11g, 10g, 9i, 8i)

dbi services is Oracle Platinum Partner and expert for Oracle databases (12c, 11g, 10g, 9i, 8i) and related technologies. Profit from the long-standing expertise of our Consultants in Oracle development, migration, high availability, grid & cloud computing, virtualization, security, and middleware. dbi services does not only manage your Oracle database infrastructure, we also offer services related to Oracle data management applications (Oracle PL/SQL or Oracle APEX), to designing data models or coaching you on migrations from Oracle Forms to Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF).

Oracle migration & replication – with near-zero downtime

dbi services supports customers in the migration or upgrade of their Oracle database. By choosing dbi services, you will benefit from the return of experience collected through many successful migration projects. There are several ways for migrating an infrastructure or patching a database. Our mission is to find the right one for you, depending on your situation.

Expert tools such as Oracle GoldenGate or Dbvisit Replicate allow cross-platform and cross-RDBMS database migrations. They support all major database engines (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL/MariaDB, DB2) and migrate your database with near-zero downtime. Moreover, GoldenGate & Dbvisit Replicate allow to perform application changes during the migration process and support online Oracle application migrations. dbi services has already supported countless customers in the implementation of these migration technologies.

Oracle GoldenGate or Dbvisit Replicate are also powerful tools for database replication. dbi services masters these and other utilities and is highly experienced in the replication of your Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL/MariaDB, or PostgreSQL database. Our experienced specialists will help you making your replication project a success.

Oracle high availability

dbi services has the high-end skills required for installing and managing highly available infrastructures. Our consultants have an extensive track record in Oracle high availability products such as Oracle Data Guard, Oracle Clusterware, and Dbvisit Standby. Dbvisit Standby is an automated standby database solution for high availability and disaster recovery. It is designed for Oracle database users who require business continuity and high availability in case of a disaster, outage or failure, but do not want to upgrade to Oracle Enterprise Edition to enable Oracle Data Guard. Depending on your situation, Dbvisit Standby can be an alternative to Oracle Data Guard.

Oracle Cloud Control & RAC

Scalability or cutting costs through cloud and grid computing are important challenges companies are confronted with. dbi services possesses both the technical and business skills required to adapt these technologies to the customer’s needs. Our consultants have an excellent track record in grid and cloud computing based on Oracle products such as Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), Oracle OEM Cloud Control/Grid Control 12c/11g, or Oracle Coherence.

Oracle virtualization

Reducing the costs of hardware and at the same time providing the required capacities is a complex and challenging undertaking. Virtualization allows reaching some of these goals through several technologies. dbi services is your partner of choice for Oracle virtualization projects based on technologies such as Oracle VM, Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM), ASM Cluster File System (ACFS), or VMware ESX/ESXi.

Oracle security

Database security is crucial for the survival of every company: if critical data gets stolen, the competitiveness of the company may be threatened. As a result, data needs to be kept safe, possibly encrypted, and access to it has to suitably controlled. dbi services ensures your data is always safely available. Our Oracle database security solutions are based on recognized Oracle tools such as Oracle Audit Vault and Oracle Database Vault.

Oracle Performance Tuning

If you want to get more performance out of your database, you should regularly review and maintain it. dbi services offers a strong expertise in the analyzing of databases and the solving of performance bottlenecks. Our certified Oracle consultants – among them several Oracle Certified Masters (OCM) as well as an Oracle Ace – are experts in database performance tuning. dbi services provides efficient tools and methodologies for Oracle Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition databases – with or without the Tuning and Diagnostic pack. These tools allow you to quickly identify and solve performance issues.

Oracle license management

Managing Oracle licenses is a complex task. It requires a strong technical knowledge and many years of experience. Implementing the best possible Oracle license strategy means finding the most efficient solution in terms of costs and needed features. dbi services is able to analyze and understand your IT needs and find out the license model that fits your needs best. We can also assess your current infrastructure to make sure your licenses are compliant with your IT.

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Microsoft SQL Server databases

Our Expertise for SQL Server databases (from 2005 to 2017)

Our consultants are skilled in Microsoft SQL Server solutions. They are able to perfectly implement all versions of SQL Server databases including Windows and Linux operating systems, configure SQL Server clusters, and set up backup and recovery concepts for the Microsoft RDBMS. dbi services also provides SQL Server infrastructure support or monitoring strategies in order to secure your operations and reduce operation costs. dbi services is Microsoft Gold Partner for data platforms. Our Microsoft Consultants have a long-standing experience in numerous topics as high availability, performance, security, business intelligence and data warehouse solutions. dbi services is also specialized in Microsoft SharePoint and Windows Server solutions.

SQL Server performance tuning

Your database server is not as fast as you expect? Our consultants have a strong experience in analyzing and fixing performance issues. Among the Microsoft consultants, some are Microsoft Certified Master on SQL Server and expert in database performance tuning. dbi services provides efficient tools and methodologies to quickly identify and solve performance issues.

SQL Server high availability

Reducing downtime and avoiding data loss requires a perfect handling of high availability solutions based on SQL Server product.. Our SQL Server experts have a long-standing experience in the installation, configuration, and testing of Microsoft high availability solutions. Be it database mirroring, failover clustering, log shipping, or replication: dbi services provides you with solutions for your specific challenges. Our expertise covers the design and realization of SQL Server downtime scenarios, the validation of SQL Server high availability strategies, and the realization and testing of SQL Server high availability infrastructure solutions.

SQL Server business intelligence & data warehouse

Being able to make data available in an intelligible and user-friendly way is a prerequisite for profitable business intelligence (BI). dbi services focuses on BI concepts that enable an improved decision-making to make your company more competitive. Our consultants master the design, realization, configuration, and installation of SQL Server BI solutions based on Analysis Services (SSAS), Integration Services (SSIS), Reporting Services (SSRS), and PowerBI. As an SQL Server specialist, dbi services is experienced in integrating Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions into Microsoft enterprise environments as SharePoint.

Data Platform Azure solutions

Cloud solutions are now part of the modern data ecosystems in different ways. No matter if your solution includes full cloud or hybrid scenarios, with Azure Virtual Machines (IaaS), Managed instances or Azure SQL Database (PaaS), we are able to help you to design, deploy and maintain your infrastructureaccording to your constraints.

Our consultants also master BI and BigData Azure services ecosystem including SQL Server analysis service, Azure HDInsight or Azure DataLake to name few of them. They will help you to deliver high value-added and performant solutions for your customers.

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MySQL/MariaDB databases

Our expertise for MySQL/MariaDB databases

dbi services offers MySQL/MariaDB database infrastructure solutions. We have several certified consultants and can provide professional support for any kind of MySQL/MariaDB project or service management support. As a Severalnines partner, dbi services is specialized in realizing ClusterControl solutions to deploy and manage MySQL/MariaDB based clusters. Our expertise covers MySQL/MariaDB administration, replication, as well as backup and recovery. Our consultants are also specialized in MySQL/MariaDB Workbench.

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PostgreSQL databases

Our expertise for PostgreSQL databases

With 8 people certified as EnterpriseDB Postgres Plus Professionals dbi Services is the most certified EnterpriseDB partner in the D-A-CH region. Having this high level of expertise in the PostgreSQL area we support our customers during the complete lifecycle of their EDB Postgres or community PostgreSQL infrastructure: Design, implementation, operation, troubleshooting, and SLAs.


EDB Postgres/Community PostgreSQL high availability

Building EDB Postgres or community PostgreSQL high available infrastructures that scale easily, requires a high level of knowledge and experience. Selecting the right tools that support you in automatic failover and reconfiguration is a critical decision that must be taken at the very beginning of a PostgreSQL high availability project. No matter if you opt for the EnterpriseDB toolset or you plan to go with a full open source stack: We help you in selecting the right tools for your requirements and build the environment that fits best for you.

PostgreSQL HA architecture – community approach

PostgreSQL HA architecture - community approach

 PostgreSQL HA architecture – EDB approach

PostgreSQL HA architecture - EDB approach


License cost reduction and migration to EDB Postgres/Community PostgreSQL

While community PostgreSQL is a real open source product that does not require any licenses, EDB Postgres is a subscription based offering. No matter which one you choose: PostgreSQL is the right choice for reducing your proprietary footprint and will free resources you can use for your core business. We support you in building environments your new applications will run on and will also assist you in migrations from other systems. Establishing PostgreSQL as a key component beside your proprietary database systems will boost your knowledge and trust in an industry proven database system. Reduce your license costs, bring back freedom of choice and avoid vendor lock-in.


EDB Postgres/Community PostgreSQL upgrades

Time will come when your PostgreSQL infrastructure runs out of support or you need to upgrade for using new features or you require a bugfix. Upgrading a PostgreSQL deployment is not very much different than upgrading other database systems: The upgrade itself is the easiest part. Most of the time in an upgrade project goes into planning and testing, especially when you upgrade a high available configuration and the upgrade needs to be done in near zero downtime. Having upgraded dozen of PostgreSQL deployments we bring the experience that will help you to avoid common pitfalls and make the upgrade a success.


EDB Postgres and community PostgreSQL in the cloud

All the big cloud providers offer PostgreSQL based services: Amazon, Microsoft and Google. Setting up community PostgreSQL or EDB Postgres in the cloud is a few click operation. But what is next? Even when running in the cloud you’ll need the same skills when it comes to troubleshooting, operations, disaster recovery and monitoring. dbi services can help you in selecting the right cloud provider(s) for your requirements and optimize the PostgreSQL deployment so that it only consumes cloud resources when it is really necessary for supporting your business (Do you really need to run your development and test instances all the night and on the weekend?). Better plan your journey to the cloud with us right from the beginning than having surprises afterwards.


EDB Postgres/Community PostgreSQL performance tuning

The performance of a database system is a critical factor for success but can be complex to manage as performance depends on many screws. Are you facing issues currently? Let us analyse the situation and come up with recommendations on how to bring your performance back.


EDB Postgres/Community PostgreSQL health check

Do you wonder if your PostgreSQL deployment is in a good shape? Can you restore in case it is required? Do you have a safe configuration or is PostgreSQL open to the world? A professional health check protects you from surprises. We will not only take a look at the PostgreSQL parameters but also check access privileges, operating system configuration and the available PostgreSQL log files. Better check now and sleep well.


The dbi services OpenDB appliance

Take the easy and safe path and opt for the dbi OpenDB Appliance. All best practices by default, up and running in minutes, simple, secure and straight forward. Save time you can for sure better use for the more interesting things: The dbi OpenDB Appliance just runs.

 OpenDB Appliance – how we build it:

OpenDB Appliance - how we build 1

OpenDB Appliance – how we build it:

OpenDB Appliance - how we build 2


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NoSQL databases

Our expertise for NoSQL databases 

dbi services offers NoSQL database infrastructure services.

Our certified consultants provide professional support for NoSQL projects based on MongoDB. Our consultants help customers to design their NoSQL infrastructure, to implement it according to best practices and to operate it through our DMK Management Kit which provides management scripts.

Our experts also support development teams in order to integrate and use efficiently the NoSQL systems through the application. dbi services is the link between the developers (near to the business) and the infrastructure team which has to operate efficiently the NoSQL infrastructures. Working with dbi services ensures to operate and deploy your NoSQL infrastructure according to best practices.

Regarding operational frameworks like MongoDB OpsManager, our experts help you operating existing installations or deploying such tools.

Heterogeneous Databases Replication

(Oracle GoldenGate, Dbvisit Replicate, Attunity Replicate, Microsoft SQL Server replication, xDB replication server, SharePlex)

dbi services has specialized in the replication of heterogenous databases with technologies such as Oracle GoldenGate, Microsoft SQL Server replication, Dbvisit Replicate, Attunity replicate, xDB replication server and SharePlex.

Thanks to our expertise in database replication solutions, as well as in operating systems and databases, we know how to implement the replication technology that fits your IT infrastructure.

Our consultants are certified specialists in the handling of Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase and NoSQL databases. In Addition dbi services has engaged in strong partnerships in the replication software area, especially with Oracle, Microsoft, Dbvisit, Attunity, and EnterpriseDB.

dbi services experts support you with engineering services, advising for the solution that matches your replication goal, particularly in terms of supported datatype, performance impact, near to realtime, conflict and failure resolutions, near-zero downtime migration, cross rdbms database migration, and fallback solution.

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