Our expertise for application integration & middleware

dbi services is your partner of choice for the integration of applications or middleware infrastructures based on Oracle, Microsoft, or open source technologies. We can install a development environment based on development tools such as Oracle Application Express (APEX), Oracle Forms or Microsoft SharePoint. Our experienced consultants are also able to implement application servers such as Oracle WebLogic, Apache Tomcat, or JBoss on your IT infrastructure.

dbi services also offers practical IT trainings in application integration and middleware technologies. Profit from our dbi InSite workshops for Oracle APEX or SharePoint! Our experts also propose a coaching service to help you developing your own solution and integrate it into your infrastructure.


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Oracle APEX

Experts for Oracle APEX

Oracle application expressdbi services is specialized in the implementation of Oracle APEX development environments. APEX is a powerful web-based and HTML5 compliant rapid application development tool. Our certified experts will install an efficient and reliable development infrastructure based on our best practice, enabling you to focus on the development of customized applications. We setup the database for you, configure Oracle APEX and, if necessary, integrate APEX on an application server (WebLogic etc.), as a centralized platform. If you are looking for a comprehensive Oracle APEX overview, please have a look at dbi services’ three-day Oracle APEX training.

Oracle Apex coaching

You are thinking about implementing a new, customized application based on an Oracle infrastructure and need to setup Oracle APEX? Then you should consider profiting from our Oracle APEX coaching services. dbi services will accompany you from the start to make sure your application development is set to go and based on recognized standards and best practices. Our objective is to improve the quality of your applications via thorough controls and automatized code generations.

Based on an infrastructure analysis and a code review, dbi services can also help you standardize your existing Oracle APEX platform in order to optimize your application development.

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Oracle Cloud Control

Monitoring of middleware applications with Oracle Cloud Control

Via Oracle OEM Cloud Control, dbi services is able to monitor your middleware infrastructure and related applications. Our consultants are experienced in the setup and configuration of Cloud Control for the monitoring of middleware or database infrastructures.

dbi services also uses Oracle OEM Cloud Control to identify performance issues of SQL requests between a web applications and databases. The Cloud Control feature JVMD (Java Virtual Machine Diagnostics) enables to monitor and troubleshoot the Java Virtual Machine without having to use extensive resources. With JVMD, several productive Java Virtual Machines can be monitored via a single console.

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Oracle Forms

Our expertise for Oracle Forms & Reports

dbi services helps you install and configure a development environment based on Oracle Forms, a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool for developing database applications. Our Oracle consultants are specialized in the implementation and migration of Oracle Forms environments.

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Oracle WebLogic

Experts for Oracle WebLogic

dbi services is specialized in the development, deployment, and management of applications based on Oracle WebLogic the Java EE application server. Our team is composed of infrastructure experts and development specialists. This enables dbi services to deliver the best possible services for Fusion Middleware platforms such as Oracle WebLogic, but also for Apache Tomcat or JBoss.

Oracle WebLogic – the Oracle Fusion Middleware platform

Oracle’s WebLogic platform is the foundation for the hosting of all Oracle Fusion Middleware components. Our certified consultants are perfectly able to install, upgrade, and manage your WebLogic infrastructure – including Oracle Fusion Middleware components such as Reports, Oracle Identity Management, WebTier, etc.

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Apache Tomcat & JBoss

Our expertise for Apache Tomcat & JBoss application servers

Our consultants are also able to help you in the installation of application servers such as Apache Tomcat or JBoss, which can be cost-efficient alternatives to Oracle WebLogic. Tomcat is an application server from the Apache Software Foundation that executes Java servlets and renders Web pages that include Java Server Page coding. The JBoss application server is a J2EE platform for developing and deploying enterprise Java applications, Web applications and services, and portals. dbi services will help you in choosing the right application server (e. g. Apache Tomcat, JBoss, or Oracle WebLogic) according to your needs and install it on your IT environment.

Apache Tomcat  Jboss


dbi services’ experts have a solid experience and technical know-how in the Java programming area. Many infrastructure use cases can be covered on the Java Enterprise Edition platform, as well as development and software analysis on the Java Standard Edition platform.

Benefit from our expertise for example in following cases:

  • Take over a Java software for maintenance
  • Feasibility study and business analysis, for enhancements and integration with other software (REST)
  • Project management and development

The expertise of our specialists covers following technical fields:

  • Java Security for Authentication mechanisms, SSO and PKI management for SSL encryption
  • Integration of Restful web service capabilities to any software
  • GUI creation, either web-based or for local clients
  • Networking communication
  • Algorithms review and optimization
  • Understanding of the Java Virtual Machine

dbi services frequently deploys Java based softwares for its customers. Have a look at our Monitoring tool for Documentum as well as at the log viewing tool.

Middleware Website Load & Stress Test

Website Administrators often ask themselves such questions like:

“How many concurrent users can be served without compromising the website performances?” or “What is the average Page Load Time?”

A website with bad response times, performance bottlenecks or full-blown generate bad web reputation. Our team of experts follows a project-based approach to address load testing, stress testing and locate application areas requiring performance optimizations. Using open source tools like Apache JMeter or Grinder, we create your stress test and load test scripts based on real use case scenarios. Those scenarios simulate various concurrent users. Their executions provides information regarding the maximum of concurrent users the website supports as well as graphs describing the response times and tables to identify slow pages.