IT Security Services

The IT-security services cover middleware (OpenText Documentum, Oracle Weblogic Server, Alfresco), databases (Oracle Database, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, NoSQL) and operating systems (Windows, Oracle Linux, Red Hat, SUSE).

The IT security services involve several levels of audits as well as personalised recommendations aimed at customers under SLA contracts who wish to benefit from an IT security extension. This extension will be adapted to the customer’s needs, and provided on site or remotely in the form of a package or a tailor-made solution.

By collaborating with the Center for Internet Security (CIS), experts at dbi services can access a wide range of benchmarks, which serve as a basis for their work. The result of this are comprehensive checklists which indicate both the risk level and the functional impact of the recommendations.

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Our services in IT security

Info / Alerts

Guarding against risk means being informed of potential threats. That’s why we offer you a constant monitoring of the technologies covered within our SLAs. In the event of a critical threat in one of your environments, the related information as well as suggestions for a solution to this problem will be sent to you. In addition, a targeted analysis is conducted every 6 months. It informs our customers of the latest vulnerabilities detected and corrected for all environments covered under our SLA contracts. Our IT support also accompanies you to set up regular campaigns of updates.

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Audit trails

The collection of information relating to the use of your environments and the management of newspapers is a constraint imposed by a growing number of legislations (PCI DSS, FINMA, SOX, GDPR …). This information is essential, in particular to ensure compliance of the use of a system according to the defined strategies, but also to better understand the situation in the event of security incidents. Through our security offer, we propose a complete package including the implementation of audit collection, log management according to your needs, as well as the production of reports summarizing the use of your environments.

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Default security ensures that your environments are deployed according to security best practices. Its implementation in operating systems, databases and application servers gives you the guarantee of an in-depth security. As part of the implementation, our experts fully take into account your specific needs and constraints.

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Security audits

Being aware of the risk caused by the exposure of your IT environment is a prerequisite. For this purpose, we suggest auditing all layers, operating systems, databases and application servers in a consistent and uniform manner. During these audits, our experts figure out the impact of the corrections to be implemented as well as the best matching solutions for your environments.

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Extensions for the dbi FlexService contracts

Audit trail management (Flex +)

  • Establishment of the collection of audit information
  • Implementation of management scripts and logs / purge
  • Annual summary report generation
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The security audit (Flex ++)

  • Gathering of information
  • Analysis of information
  • Audit report generation
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Full security audit (Flex +++)

  • Interview of the administrators
  • Privileged users
  • Gathering information
  • Data analysis, review of risk analysis and impacts
  • Audit report generation
  • Presentation of the report and remedy proposals
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