Our database expertise

  1. Backup & Restore
  2. HA (High Availability)
  3. Database replication
  4. Performance tuning
  5. Updates & migrations
  6. Consolidations
  7. Cost optimization
  8. Audit & health check-up (check term)
  9. Monitoring

The advantages of having databases managed by us

  1. Standardization (DMK product)
  2. Stability
  3. Implementation of good practice
  4. Multi-technology skills
  5. Fixed-price products for turnkey infrastructure (OpenDB Appliance & Oracle SE Pack)

Database technologies

The knowledge and skills of our experts in database cover several technologies. For further details, click on the technology you require.

Database products

dbi services offers various products for your database needs. Discover the specificities of each product by clicking on it.


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