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Cloudera Partner

Cloudera is a modern platform for data management and analytics that allows organizations to collect all their data, on a centralized, secure and fully-governed place that any department can access anytime, anywhere. Cloudera is based in Palo Alto (USA) and has been founded by Oracle, Yahoo, Facebook and Google. The company has more than 2’100 partners over the world, including dbi services, who ensure compatibility with existing investments, lower skill barriers, and help maximize value from customer’s data.
Cloudera offers a complete Hadoop management suite called Cloudera Manager. It helps other companies to focus on the solution, not on the cluster, with a complete zero-downtime administration tool for Apache Hadoop.
Get an overview of the Cloud Manager’s unique capabilities:

  • Unified configuration, management and monitoring across all services
  • Online installation and upgrades
  • Direct connection to Cloudera Support
  • 3rd Party Extensibility