IaaS vs PaaS, that is the question…

by Hervé Schweitzer, CTO and Principal Consultant

There are many parameters to consider in the selection of the right solution: performance, licensing, deployment, support and management… and of course the inevitable question of cost. While there are no easy answers, this session will show you the key points to consider, using case studies and customer feedback. As a bonus, we’ll show you a third way to try and combine the benefits of IaaS with the functionality of PaaS through automation.

How to manage it all using Kubernetes

by Jean-Philippe Clapot, Technology Leader and Consultant DevOps

Can we host and manage different types of applications using Kubernetes? In this session, we’ll talk about KubeVirt. Through a demo, we’ll explore this tool’s key features and benefits, and discuss how Kubernetes can be enhanced to manage standard containers and virtual machines.

Alfresco & the YaK

by Morgan Patou, Technology Leader & Principal Consultant

There are multiple deployment options available for Alfresco, including manual installation, Ansible, docker-compose, helm charts, marketplace and other services. Each of these has its pros & cons. In this talk, we’ll discuss dbi services’ new deployment option: the YaK.
It’s efficient, consistent, and works on any platform

Kubernetes last call for onboarding: Admission Controller

by Chay Te, Consultant DevOps

A quick Kubernetes native components overview to better understand them before exploring the role and capabilities of the admission controller and being able to locate it through all the components. The presentation ends with a short demo of an admission controller.

Another year, another PostgreSQL release: PostgreSQL 16 is just around the corner

by Daniel Westermann, Technology Leader Open Infrastructure

Many companies are not even on PostgreSQL 15 and PostgreSQL 16 is already just around the corner. We’ll use these 45 minutes to explore the new features of PostgreSQL 16 by highlighting most of them using practical demos.

Introduction to Secrets Management with Hashicorp Vault

by Ryan Badaï, Consultant DevOps

In a microservices and Cloud world, the number of secrets we use daily has exploded.
There is an increasing need to manage these secrets centrally to increase security and facilitate
operations. That’s where Hashicorp Vault comes in.


05.09.2023, 08:00 – 13:30 (lunchtime incl.)
Hotel Aquatis
Route de Berne 148, 1010 Lausanne

12.09.2023, 08:00 – 13:30 (lunchtime incl.)
Hotel Olten
Bahnhofstrasse 5, 4600 Olten